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Download No website Updated 06 Mar 2005 rrp_statify

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rrp_statify is plugin for rpmrebuild. It will statify all of a package's dynamically linked executables, adjust requirements, and rebuild the package. The resulting package has no shared library dependencies and may be installed on the wide range of distributions with different library versions.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2005 Xfce Foundation Classes

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The Xfce Foundation Classes is a set of integrated C++ classes for developing Xfce and GTK+ applications on UNIX- like operating systems such as Linux. The classes combine the power of GTK+ and the power of C++ into a state-of- the-art application development framework for the Xfce Desktop Environment. The classes judiciously use C++ language features to avoid layering on too much extra C++ complexity. The API is easy to understand and use, and should feel immediately familiar to most GTK+ programmers.

No download Website Updated 06 Mar 2005 OpenSignature

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OpenSignature is a project for the digital signature of documents. It works with all cards supported by OpenSC, and focuses on adding support for cards from accredited Italian CAs. The goal is to provide the first single product capable of supporting cards from multiple vendors/countries. This contrasts the approach taken by card vendors/providers whose software follows an exclusive single-vendor approach. OpenSignature attempts to make a major contribution to interoperability in the digital signature domain, and aims to greatly facilitate the setup of public access points that are currently the objective of several projects in Italy.

No download Website Updated 19 Sep 2006 Monitoring API

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MAPI, or Monitoring API, is a multi-user programming interface designed to simplify the development of network monitoring software and allow users to express their monitoring needs in a device-independent way. The main abstraction provided is the network flow. Although flows have been used before in network monitoring systems, MAPI gives flows a first-class status. Applications that use MAPI can specify what flows or flow statistics they are interested in by applying functions to flows. A MAPI function can be a BPF filter, string search, or packet counter, or more advanced like a NetFlow generator. These functions will automatically run in hardware if there is support for it on the hardware being used.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2005 lard

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Lard is a Logging and Rotation Daemon that can replace the functionality of sysklogd and logrotate together. Logging is done almost exactly the same as syslogd, with added features such as regex matching and command triggers. Rotation can be triggered while the daemon is running safely by sending it a simple signal.

No download Website Updated 18 Jun 2006 SYASokoban

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SYASokoban is a clone of the popular Sokoban puzzle game. The goal is to push the crates onto the designated squares without getting stuck.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2005 binfind

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binfind searches files for a byte sequence. The pattern can be given on the command line in ASCII or hex, read from a file, or a combination of the above. binfind uses the Boyer-Moore algorithm and is able to search large files without using a lot of memory. For each occurrence of the pattern, binfind prints a line containing the offset of the occurrence in the searched file. If more than one file was specified, binfind prints the filename and a colon before the offset.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2010 anymeal

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anymeal is a cookbook database front-end. It can handle more than 100,000 recipes, and can search recipes for a given set of ingredients. It is designed to be lean and flexible.

Download Website Updated 18 Sep 2005 GETPKG

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Getpkg is used to download and install packages for Slackware Linux. It is menu-driven, allowing the user to choose program options by entering menu choices. Its menus are generated using the dialog utility. It creates the folder ~/.getpkg and stores configuration options and downloaded packages within that folder. It requires Slackware and Python.

No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2005 GOFoto

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GOFoto is an appliaction for managing large collections of photos. It supports photo refining, generation of Web galleries, and video CDs.


Project Spotlight


A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


Project Spotlight


A genealogy/family tree program.