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Download Website Updated 12 May 2010 PyKaraoke

Pop 57.83
Vit 5.65

PyKaraoke is a karaoke player which supports the CDG (MP3+G, OGG+G), MIDI (.KAR, .MID), and MPEG formats. The project consists of a GUI frontend and separate pycdg, pykar, and pympg player modules. The GUI provides a full application frontend, with playlist functionality and a searchable database. The pycdg, pykar, and pympg modules can also be used as standalone command-line players or imported into any Python programs that would like CDG, MIDI/KAR, or MPEG playback.

No download Website Updated 09 May 2008 Vblade

Pop 137.07
Vit 3.50

Vblade is a software-based AoE target, a virtual EtherDrive Blade. It exports local block storage to hosts on an ethernet local area network. Hosts with an ATA over Ethernet (AoE) initiator, like the aoe driver for Linux, can then access the storage over the ethernet.

No download Website Updated 21 Nov 2006 sch_log

Pop 23.98
Vit 1.57

sch_log is a patch for Linux kernel that allows qdisc to mirror traffic that pass to a special network device which can be listened to with tcpdump. Users can easily find out what goes into the default class, for example.

No download Website Updated 31 May 2005 ASLinux Desktop

Pop 16.97
Vit 1.44

ASLinux Desktop is a desktop-oriented distribution based on Debian and aimed at Spanish-speaking users. Unlike the Debian base, it restricts itself to one application for each task, simplifying the choices faced by users. Is has good support for modern hardware (SATA disks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, all kinds of USB devices, etc.) It has a number of powerful administration tools, all integrated in KDE's Control Center, and Wizards to ease the installation of non-free software that couldn't be included on the CDs, like Acrobat Reader and Microsoft TrueType fonts. It has special support for Windows applications through Wine, Cedega, and CrossOffice.

    No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2005 ZRPd

    Pop 11.14
    Vit 1.00

    ZRPd is a full implementation of the Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) for Linux. It is a compromise between proactive and reactive routing protocols for ad-hoc Wi-Fi networks.

    Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2005 ooxf

    Pop 17.58
    Vit 1.00

    ooxf is an object-oriented framework written in C++ that allows programmers to develop applications using a complete object-oriented SDK skipping the platform specific details.

    Download Website Updated 21 May 2005 Wavemixer

    Pop 25.30
    Vit 1.01

    WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor. It can mix multiple sounds together from many formats, with the option to add various different effects to the result.

    Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2014 gslapt

    Pop 197.62
    Vit 44.87

    Gslapt is a GTK version of slapt-get.

    Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2012 LDAP Administration Tool

    Pop 226.88
    Vit 15.19

    LDAP Administration Tool (lat) allows you to browse LDAP-based directories and add/edit/delete entries contained within. It can store profiles for quick access to different servers.

    No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2005 Pluto Home

    Pop 60.79
    Vit 2.26

    Pluto System allows you to monitor and control a full range of systems from your home, including audio and video, ventilation and air conditioning, security and monitoring, lights, land phones, VOIP phones, intercom, drapes, doors and gates, pools, and sprinklers etc.


    Project Spotlight


    A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


    Project Spotlight


    A genealogy/family tree program.