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Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2012 Bacula

Pop 487.44
Vit 28.18

Bacula is a set of programs that allow you to manage the backup, recovery, and verification of computer data across a network of different computers. It is based on a client/server architecture and is efficient and relatively easy to use, while offering many advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2006 dbackup

Pop 48.37
Vit 2.76

dbackup is a disk-based client-server backup system for Linux or other UNIX systems. It works on the principle that disks are cheaper and more reliable than tapes. Backups are started by cron, probably on a daily basis, by the client. The client backs up individual filesystems or directories with tar and sends the result to the server, which stores them in a simple tree-based directory structure. Restores are trivial, either by using the supplied restore client, or by simply copying the appropriate tar files off the server and uncompressing them.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2008 bakonf

Pop 16.61
Vit 3.31

bakonf is a tool for making backups of configuration files on GNU/Linux or Unix-like systems. It uses various methods to reduce the size of the backups it creates, and is designed to be useful for unattended remote servers.

Download No website Updated 24 Nov 2004 Rsync Incremental Backup Script

Pop 131.22
Vit 2.90

Rsync Incremental Backup Script (RIBS) is an incremental backup system written using PHP, rsync, ssh, and cp. It can backup local machines and other networked devices, and is designed to be highly configurable and informative for system administrators. It performs a large amount of error checking, and includes logging and email capabilities.

No download Website Updated 11 Jan 2003 PDBS

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.00

PDBS is a secure and simple backup system, distributed over a network. It aims to be reliable and easy to configure.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2004 ImageBackup

Pop 46.86
Vit 1.50

ImageBackup is a fully automatic incremental backup system for digital pictures. It will create backup CDs, one at a time, until all images have been backed up. You than then run the program regularly and it will keep gathering images until another disc is full. Once a disc is full, it can use AutoScrapbook to create Web-based index files, automatically generate an ISO image, and reset the staging area. Once an image has been stored in a backup ISO image, it will not be backed up again. Any new images, regardless of where they are mixed into your directory structure, will be added to backups when necessary.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2005

Pop 26.50
Vit 1.00 utilizes rsync and smbmount to create pseudo-snapshot backups of a Windows network on a large local hard drive.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2003 Better Backup

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Vit 63.47

Better Backup is a backup manager designed to handle large volumes of data at high speed. It is extremely fast and flexible. The system is designed to back up to magnetic tape, CD/R, or DVD-R, or almost any other media. One of the main features of this program is its ability to preform a fast restore from magnetic tape through its use of file markers. The program is extremely flexible allowing the user to customize most aspects of the backup through a configuration file.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2010 make_cd_label

Pop 41.02
Vit 2.32

make_cd_label is a script that helps create stickers for CDs. It is intended to be integrated with your backup scripts, but can also make stickers for audio CDs using CDDB and disc-cover. The output is an XML file that can be read into glabels and then edited or printed. It uses Memorex or Avery CD label stickers.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2004 Bontmia

Pop 76.50
Vit 3.18

Bontmia is a network-based backup tool that saves configurable numbers of last month, week, day, hour, and minute backups. Each backup is a complete snapshot of the original directories, and only new and changed files take up space when generating snapshots because of the use of hard links. Remote access is secure by using SSH. Only changes are transferred, which makes for a fast backup.


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Virtual server management software.


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A flexible one time password authentication system with pluggable OTP algorithms and userstorages.