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Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2003 Com' On Feel The Noize

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Vit 1.00

Com' On Feel The Noize is a tool generating an M3U list from any Ogg/MP3 available on a specific network. Each computer on the network runs, via cron, a backend script that feeds a common database. Frontend scripts can be used by used to select some songs in the database and to automatically get a M3U list loaded into a player.

No download Website Updated 26 Oct 2003 @1 Multi-List Image Randomizer & Uploader

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Vit 62.35

@1 Multi-List Image Randomizer & Uploader lets you create multiple sets of random image lists from one password protected control panel. Its features include image uploading, image deletion, new random list creation, and automatic thumbnail generation.

No download Website Updated 05 May 2005 BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba

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BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba protects Samba servers running under Linux from viruses and other malware. It's configured for "On-Access" scanning of the files that are copied to or are accessed from the Samba file server's shared partitions. BitDefender claims 100% detection rate for all viruses in the wild (ITW) through its powerful scanning engines certified by Virus Bulettin in April 2005.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2004 GVideoDB

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Vit 2.04

GVideoDB is an XML-driven movie database for your movie collection. It features the ability to use many database files.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2007 Daimonin

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Daimonin is a Massive Multiuser Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that split in December 2001 from the Crossfire project. Using the SDL library, it provides cross-platform clients with 2D isometric tile graphics, sound effects, and background music.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2003 S3TC-BOXEN

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S3TC-BOXEN is a simple S3TC texture compression tool for OpenGL. It uses a video card to compress BMP, PNG, and JPEG images into the S3TC format. It also includes C source code for loading the compressed images.

Download Website Updated 15 May 2004 VSOFont

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Vit 2.52

VSOFont is a small library used to draw very simple and fast user-definable 2D vector fonts in OpenGL applications. It was written after the author found GLUT's fonts to be too expensive to render.

Download Website Updated 16 Aug 2005 Serendipity ICCtool

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Serendipity ICCtool is a simple but useful tool that can be used to check how ICC profile combinations perform for particular sets of input values. The ICC transformations are carried out by Serendipity Software's ICC engine, the same engine used in Serendipity Blackmagic and Serendipity Megarip. Measurement of colours using spectrophotometers from Gretag and Xrite are also supported. By measuring a colour, the Lab, RGB, and CMYK values are given for any combination of input and output ICC profiles.

Download Website Updated 28 Oct 2006 Virtual Administrator Daemon

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Vit 2.36

VAdmind (Virtual Administrator Daemon) is set of Perl scripts and modules which can help with remote server management. It uses XML input/otput, and can be run by (x)inetd. It can receive multiple commands to execute, and it has been built to provide support for a scalable system administration environment. Since it takes XML, clients can be developed in a different set of environments with easy integration into the server.

Download No website Updated 28 Oct 2003 MassTrans

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MassTrans is a complex project to build an application with a Web interface which finds the quickest path using a mass transportation system. It contains Perl fetching and parsing scripts, SQL and PL scripts for maintaining the database, PHP and HTML scripts for the Web GUI, and C++ files for the core application.


Project Spotlight


A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


Project Spotlight


A genealogy/family tree program.