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Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2002 mailspy

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Vit 65.89

mailspy monitors a sendmail mail server. It records the sender, recipient, subject line, and names of the attachments of messages. It can be deployed to archive copies of selected messages (both incoming and outgoing) and provide access to them through IMAP.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2002 The Hush Programming Language

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Vit 65.79

Hush is a full object-oriented programming language, based loosely on Smalltalk. Features include typeless data, polymorphism, dynamic method binding, static and dynamic object bases, mixin support, exception handling, closures, multiple threads, garbage collection, a fully embeddable virtual machine, separate compilation with linker, the core program (text only) runs on Unix, Cygwin, Windows, and there is a graphics bindings for X11. Hush allows rapid development of small programs and is intended as a general purpose language for quick solutions to problems. it also encourages proper object-oriented techniques. It differs significantly from Smalltalk in the construction of a class and the flow control of the methods; it is more like a traditional procedural language. It is not intended to be a full system like Smalltalk, but rather executes as a stand-alone program.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2002 Turbo Seek

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Vit 65.79

Turbo Seek provides the capability to create and run a directory and search engine with ease. It comes with a visually friendly admin control panel that provides all of the aspects to create, customize, and run a fully functional search engine. It supports unlimited sub-categories, and includes a crawler, link checker, site rankings, site reviews, the ability to customize all text/layouts, relevance to search keywords, and more.

No download Website Updated 15 Sep 2002 MidiToy

Pop 8.43
Vit 65.52

MidiToy is an application for playing with a MIDI keyboard, soundcard, or synth. It features keyboard split, tuning, sequencer, and joystick emulating controllers.

No download Website Updated 22 Sep 2002 TleenX

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Vit 65.47

TleenX is a tlen.pl client written for Linux. It uses GTK+ and the libtlen library.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2014 dd_rescue

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Vit 65.39

dd_rescue copies data from one file or block device to another. It is intended for error recovery, so by default, it doesn't abort on errors and doesn't truncate the output file. It uses large block sizes to quicken the copying, but falls back to small blocks upon encountering errors. It produces reports that allow you to keep track of bad blocks. dd_rescue features a number of optimizations, such as sparse block detection, preallocation, and Linux zerocopy (splice). It supports data protection by (multi-pass) overwriting of files or partitions with good and fast random numbers.

Download Website Updated 04 Oct 2002 wmspaceclock

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Vit 65.38

wmspaceclock (or spaceclock for short) is an antialiased analog clock for the Window Maker dock to show the current local time. It has configurable background and configurable antialiased hand shapes (vector-based) and comes with more than a dozen themes.

No download Website Updated 07 Oct 2002 Net-Cam

Pop 31.32
Vit 65.36

Net-Cam is a free alternative to IP video surveillance servers. It works with Axis 2100 ethernet cameras.

No download Website Updated 16 Oct 2002 i740 Linux framebuffer driver

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Vit 65.29

This project is a Linux framebuffer driver for Intel740-based video card. It is currently only available for kernel 2.4.x.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2002 queue-admin

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queue-admin is a bash2 shell script for managing the mail queue of the qmail MTA. It can provide a summarized list of the messages in the queue, optionally filtered by number or by whether a message is local or remote. The messages themselves can be listed, viewed, or deleted by the same criteria. It can also search for expressions within the messages, and can return the entire email or only the line where the expression was found. The output is colorized.


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A Web-based interface for UNIX users


Project Spotlight


A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).