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Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2003 NetClass

Pop 30.00
Vit 1.51

NetClass is a multi-platform C++ library which provides a thin wrapper for supporting sockets and threads. It works on GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, and Win32 platforms, and includes the basic architecture to quickly create a simple, generic server.

Download No website Updated 09 Jul 2002 Aurelius Bruzas CD Player

Pop 16.37
Vit 1.01

Aurelius Bruzas CD Player is yet another CD Player. It features a user-friendly, curses-based interface and a CD database which is not compatible with any other widely used CD database.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2003 sysklogd-sql

Pop 60.82
Vit 2.10

sysklogd-sql is a port of the sysklogd daemon that can log data to a MySQL or PostgreSQL database running either on the same machine or a remote database server. The SQL configuration is done in the standard syslog.conf file for easy administration and configuration. Also included is a set of sample PHP scripts to query the data from the syslog database. In a large environment, you can set up a central logging server, or configure a secure syslog environment that will make it very difficult to tamper with the syslog data.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2002 CPhone

Pop 62.03
Vit 1.00

CPhone is a cross-platform GUI for the OpenH323 VOIP libraries.

No download Website Updated 22 May 2002 KMouseTool

Pop 14.28
Vit 1.00

KMouseTool is a KDE program that clicks the mouse for you, reducing RSI pain. It does this by sending a click each time you pause the mouse; an additional mode lets you drag the mouse.

Download Website Updated 25 Jun 2003 PetitTrack

Pop 16.97
Vit 1.82

PetitTrack is satellite tracker software for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D and SL-5500 Linux PDA.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2003 dzt

Pop 38.25
Vit 2.72

Dzt is a YATGT (Yet Another Tabbed GNOME Terminal). It was inspired by PowerShell, which did not seem stable enough for daily use. The main goal is to provide a multi-tabbed/paged terminal for GNOME which is simple, configurable, and quick to use.

No download Website Updated 12 Sep 2004 ThinkSQL RDBMS

Pop 54.41
Vit 3.85

ThinkSQL is a powerful, cross-platform, multi-threaded relational database management system. It supports Core ISO SQL, transactions, sub-selects, views, stored procedures, functions, comprehensive constraints, large objects, multi-version concurrency control, on-line backups, and a statistical optimizer that uses constraints and relationships to improve plans. The SQL server is simple to install and bloat-free. It runs under Windows and Linux and includes native ODBC, dbExpress (Delphi/Kylix), Python, and JDBC drivers.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2004 libcfg+

Pop 69.46
Vit 2.65

libcfg+ is a C library that features multi- command line and configuration file parsing. It is possible to set up various special properties such as quoting characters, deliminator strings, file comment prefixes, multi-line postfixes, and more. It supports many data types such as booleans, integers, decimal numbers, strings with many additional data type flags (such as multiple values for a single option).

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2004 OpenGFS

Pop 58.99
Vit 2.77

OpenGFS is an enterprise-class clustered filesystem for organizations requiring low-cost shared data storage and management. It is a continuation of the GPLed version of the Global File System as originally started by Sistina, which switched to a non-free license.


Project Spotlight


A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.


Project Spotlight

Monkey HTTP Daemon

A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.