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Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2003 Stupid-FTPd

Pop 50.65
Vit 2.64

stupid-ftpd is an ftp server which provides normal, ftp-daemon functionality and a command-line mode. It uses an /etc/passwd independent user database which allows many variations of permissions.

Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2001 Dr.Morena

Pop 36.66
Vit 1.44

Dr.Morena is a tool to confirm the rule configuration of a firewall. It inspects all the firewall rules that are currently in effect, and tests these rules by sending various kinds of test packets through the firewall. This allows you to confirm that the rules that you intend to be in effect are actually in effect.

No download Website Updated 09 Feb 2003 Kisdndial

Pop 24.74
Vit 3.24

Kisdndial is a applet for the KDE 2.x Kicker. It can establish ISDN dial-up connections as well as show the status of existing connections.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2009 DAXFi

Pop 51.03
Vit 4.93

DAXFi is a Python script that helps configure several different kinds of firewalls in a consistent way. It can run as daemon to adapt its behavior to external conditions; rules can be described with XML files, XML strings, or generated directly by the code; the program can be configured and extended with a sort of plug-ins written in Python. It comes with a Python package, useful to build other applications aimed to manipulate different firewalls in a uniform way (some example programs are included).

Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2001 enin

Pop 12.08
Vit 1.00

ENIN (Enumerate IPX nodes) enumerates IPX nodes on a network. It works by sending an IPX ping packet to all nodes on a network. In addition to printing the IPX network and node address, it is able to print the hexdump of the packet, try to identify the IPX stack on the node, and parse the diagnostic response (giving the IPX version, the SPX diagnostic socket, a list of installed components, a list of interfaces in case of routers, etc.).

No download Website Updated 20 Feb 2002 ADSL4Linux

Pop 37.23
Vit 3.11

ADSL4Linux is a program to install ADSL under Linux in the easiest way possible. The install script consists of 3 easy steps and it does not require any deep knowledge of Linux. It currently only works for MXStream by KPN in the Netherlands.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2013 Port Scan Attack Detector

Pop 487.16
Vit 24.26

The Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) is a collection of three system daemons that are designed to work with the Linux iptables firewalling code to detect port scans and other suspect traffic. It features a set of highly configurable danger thresholds (with sensible defaults), verbose alert messages, email alerting, DShield reporting, and automatic blocking of offending IP addresses. Psad incorporates many of the packet signatures included in Snort to detect various kinds of suspicious scans, and implements the same passive OS fingerprinting algorithm used by p0f.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2002 ssh-keyinstall

Pop 71.39
Vit 2.39

ssh-keyinstall is a script that helps an ssh user set up the keys at both ends of an ssh connection. It creates an rsa or dsa key if needed and copies the public half to the server. Once the process is done, you'll be able to log in with the passphrase and key instead of a password.

Download Website Updated 29 Jul 2006 Lire

Pop 229.21
Vit 4.86

Lire is a pluggable log analyzer. It has analyzers for over 25 log file formats, ranging from Apache WWW log files to iptables firewall logs and CUPS printing logs. Reports are generated in 9 different output formats, ranging from Excel 95 to PDF to HTML, optionally with included graphs.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 2001 PAIP

Pop 30.05
Vit 3.38

PAIP (pipe) is a universal filter application. It uses plugins to transmit and convert data. The plugins can be nested, so the inner structures can become quite complex (non-linear). The command-line interface is similar to human language and is quite easy to use.


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