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Download Website Updated 02 Aug 2003 The Linux Memory Game

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The Linux Memory Game is an X11 game using GTK+ library for children ages 3 and up. It is a lot more than the card game "Memory". It has five skill levels, the higher ones are challenging to adults as well. Additionally, one can choose from the menu to match 2 cards or 3 cards, or match different cards. This last "different card" mode can be a very good teaching tool for teaching languages, concepts, or association.

Download Website Updated 02 Aug 2002 RAR

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RAR is a general purpose archiving and compression program competing with/replacing programs such as PKZip, ARJ and others. RAR offers significantly improved compression ratios, easier use and a better price as well as supporting long file names, disk spanning and self-extracting file creation. RAR introduces an original compression algorithm. It allows higher compression ratios than other PC archiving tools, especially on executable files, Object libraries, large text files, etc.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2001 STAMOS

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Some Things About My Own Server (STAMOS) is a perl script that gathers infomation about the computer is is running on (mainly from /proc) and writes these into an HTML file. This information consists of CPU (name and bogomips), amount of RAM, OS, load averages, currently mounted hard drives, current uptime, and best uptime. The language of the output file can be changed. For finding out the uptime, STAMOS needs uptimed (by Rob Kaper).

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2005 bidwatcher

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Bidwatcher is a tool for eBay users that tracks your current bids and listings and has an integrated snipe tool. You can run bidwatcher in the background and it periodically checks your auctions status, and executes any bids that are scheduled.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2009 MathMap

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The MathMap GIMP plug-in is an image processing tool that works on several levels. Without any prerequisite knowledge about image processing, one can use any of the more than one hundred filters that come bundled with MathMap. More advanced users can combine filters intuitively in the Composer, a graphical user interface similar to Yahoo Pipes! and the Quartz Composer. For expert users, there is a simple but very efficient programming language. This is the core of MathMap, and the language that almost all MathMap filters are implemented in. MathMap allows the generation of still images and of animations.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2003 Builder Xcessory PRO for Linux

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Builder Xcessory PRO for Linux is the industry's most advanced graphical user interface builder for Motif. BX PRO provides a comprehensive visual reuse environment that speeds development of mission-critical applications. BX PRO integrates three best-of-breed tools to create an unparalleled application development suite.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2001 Xtradius

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Xtradius is a radius server that permits you to handle user authentication and accounting request via external scripts. You can handle script requests for user accounting, user authentication, NAS start and NAS stop packets. You can also write additional information into the NAS detail logfile. Parameters to scripts are passed via command line options or environment variables, making it very simple to implement SQL-based user accounting, authentication and account expiration. It is also compatible with "standard" cistron radius server.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 BootLogo

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BootLogo is a messagefile generator for LILO(-colors). It supports both normal and the colored version (by Ron Bessems) of LILO.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2003 interpcom

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interpcom is a command interpreter library in C that can be used to build scientific applications. It is very easy to add new commands. The library contains an expression evaluator that can be used to parse the arguments of the commands. It is possible to define "objects" which are arrays of numbers having a name, and structures. It is possible to use threads (several programs running simultaneously).

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2004 The Graph Template Library

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GTL can be seen as an extension of the Standard Template Library STL to graphs and fundamental graph algorithms. It is a platform independent and extendible C++ library, and is a useful aid to any software designer. It contains the classes needed to work with graphs, nodes, and edges, and some fundamental algorithms as building blocks for more complex graph algorithms. Customized algorithms can be developed by experienced programmers.


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A commandline tool for managing your local area network.


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GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.