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Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2013 Shard-Query

Pop 23.09
Vit 16.61

Shard-Query uses partitioning and sharding to add query parallelism and grid computing capabilities to MySQL. Multiple interfaces are included, from a commandline client to an object oriented interface to a MySQL proxy interface for nearly-completely transparent access to a sharded data set.

Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2013 csum

Pop 35.11
Vit 16.60

Csum is a tool for manipulating CSV, TSV, PSV and other table formats for the command line. It can be used for converting between several formats; selecting and manipulating cells matching a selector; inserting or rearranging columns; sorting, reversing, or selecting unique rows; rotating rows so they become the columns of the table; and more. It was designed for environments where the use of a graphical spreadsheet to edit a CSV file was not possible or practical.

No download Website Updated 20 Sep 2013 CorePages

Pop 23.71
Vit 16.58

CorePages is a knowledge database for businesses that can support you with important information about your employees, customers, and suppliers such as phone numbers and addresses. It can be customized in many ways and integrates fluidly into your environment, with Web, rich client, and mobile interfaces.

No download No website Updated 17 Sep 2013 OSv

Pop 34.29
Vit 16.56

OSv is an operating system for virtual machines in the cloud. It can run existing Linux code, including a JVM, but is much smaller and simpler than Linux, and has been designed from scratch to focus on running efficiently on virtual machines.

No download No website Updated 21 Sep 2013 Indie Box Project

Pop 21.45
Vit 16.45

Indie Box Project works to simplify the installation and maintenance of Web apps on embedded Linux devices and plug computers.

Download No website Updated 09 Oct 2013 libcon

Pop 44.70
Vit 1.02

libcon is a simple interface for sending files and messages over TCP sockets on Linux

Download Website Updated 16 May 2014 DiskScan

Pop 254.17
Vit 8.64

DiskScan scans the entire surface of a disk, alerts when a sector is unreadable, and uses the read timing to warn when a sector is having problems. It will tell when a disk has failed and already has bad sectors and also when the disk is near failure and takes too long to read the data.

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2013 LibCalloc

Pop 52.71
Vit 1.00

LibCalloc helps to check memory allocation.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2014 LibCycle

Pop 104.19
Vit 6.13

LibCycle is a library that helps to estimate the number of CPU cycles consumed per function.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2013 LibDebug

Pop 49.75
Vit 1.00

LibDebug is a library that, on signal catch, will display a lot of useful debugging information depending on the environment variable DEBUG_.


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A Document Imaging Archive System.


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A Java library and applications for software licensing.