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Download Website Updated 20 Mar 2001 Matrix Expression Templates

Pop 27.39
Vit 69.55

MET is a C++ matrix class library dealing with expression templates. This technique eliminates the copying and temporaries of matrix objects and can speed up calculations.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2001 SMArT

Pop 18.19
Vit 1.80

SMArT is a webconfig tool for MARS_NWE (a Novell NetWare 3.x emulator)

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2001 Arb-Scan

Pop 26.32
Vit 2.01

Arb-Scan is a remote banner scanner written in bash and Perl. It supports 12 different services banner checks (daytime, ftpd, sshd, smtpd, domain, finger, httpd, pop2, pop3, nntp, imapd and snpp). It features IP file reading, logging, random IP scanning, ftp anonymous login checking and VRFY/EXPN smtp checking.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2001 GNU Oleo

Pop 33.05
Vit 3.08

GNU Oleo is a lightweight spreadsheet application. It has internationalization support, an ncurses interface, a Motif/LessTif interface, and an autoconf/automake-based compilation process. Current enhancements include printing and plotting.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2001 EnRus dictionary tools

Pop 113.95
Vit 4.37

The EnRus dictionary tools are TCL/Tk scripts for reading a textual (plain or compressed by gzip or bzip2) dictionary base and compiling new dictionary bases from plain text files. It consists of a few TCL console scripts and a Tk interface to them. It is configurable for different languages. The dictionary base may contain proper formatting and output procedures.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2001 revava

Pop 29.39
Vit 1.42

revava is a single-pass disassembler that reads in a file containing a program intended for an Atmel AVR microcontroller, and outputs assembly code that can be input to an AVR assembler. The output of revava contains assembler mnemonics where possible and dc.W declarations where no mnemonic matches the data. The comment field for each assembly instruction contains the address from the object code and the destination address for branches, calls, jumps, etc. In the case where there are multiple assembly instructions that assemble to the same opcode, all choices are presented in a group with all but the first choice commented out.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2001 Stella Shell

Pop 12.25
Vit 1.00

Stella Shell is a shell/GUI to allow easy selection of your Stella ROMs. "Click'n'Play" requires Xdialog for proper operation.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2001 KDisk-At-Once

Pop 12.57
Vit 1.74

kdao (KDisk-At-Once) edits tables of content (TOC) compatible with cdrdao. You can add and play your tracks from sound files and set text information with an intuitive graphical interface.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2001 SignatureDB

Pop 13.11
Vit 1.00

SignatureDB is actually two components, an Internet-based signature database which people can retrive the latest AntiVirus/Spam/Hoax/Trash signatures, and the local file scanning program (used the same way you use your normal AntiVirus software).

No download Website Updated 14 Mar 2001 DLDialog

Pop 33.67
Vit 4.22

DLDialog offers the capability to draw a variety of widgets, in order to ease the human user in feeding input to the script. The program is designed to be particularly useful to implement system administration scripts. It includes a definition language similar to Tcl/Tk. It can display dialogs (with the same definition) using characters with the tvision/ncurses interface or using graphical windows with the QT/X11 interface.


Project Spotlight

Packet Peeper

A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.


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Embedthis ESP

A C language Web framework.