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Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2005 uEagle-ATM

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uEagle-ATM is a driver for ADSL USB modems with ADI's Eagle-USB chipset like Sagem Fast 800 or Comtrend CT-350. This driver has been rewritten to adapt to the usbatm library, which is also used by the driver for Speedtouch 330 and Connexant AccessRunner. It is based on Damien Bergamini's ueagle driver for *BSD. It works with Linux kernel 2.6.10 and above. All encapsulations, such as PPPoA, PPPoE, or Routed IP, are taken into account.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2013 uLan Driver

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uLan Driver provides 9-bit character message- oriented communication protocol that is transferred over an RS-485 link. The physical layer consists of one twisted pair of leads, and RS-485 transceivers. Supported hardware includes OX16C954 PCI based add-on cards, USB-to-uLan converters, the i82510 RS-485 card, or simple active converter dongle for standard PC RS-232 ports. The whole set of libraries and support tools is available for building embedded devices. They range from low level firmware boot-loaders and debugging tools up to object oriented properties browsing and manipulation and process data communication channels mapping.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2010 uNabto

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uNabto is a small UDP-based NAT and firewall traversing virtual Web server. It is useful for very small resource limited embedded systems. It works by installing a free Nabto protocol plugin in your browser which, in combination with a "HTML-device driver" definition file, communicates and presents the user with a nice Web based GUI.

No download No website Updated 11 Dec 2013 uReport

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uReport provides issue tracking and constituent relations management for municipalities with an Open311 (GeoReport v2) endpoint.

Download Website Updated 22 Jan 2014 uSTL

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Vit 23.63

uSTL is a partial implementation of the Standard Template Library which reduces code size by factoring memory management code into a non-template base class and deriving containers from it.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2007 uShare

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Vit 4.30

uShare is a DLNA and UPnP A/V Media Server for Linux. It is designed to share multimedia files (audio and video) through the GeeXboX operating system, but can work with any UPnP media renderer or player.

Download No website Updated 13 Feb 2010 uTorrent.py

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Vit 2.01

uTorrent.py is a Python module for accessing the interface exposed by the uTorrent Web UI. Current features include getting and setting uTorrent parameters, viewing information and statistics on torrents and files, and setting torrent state and file priorities. Small example utilities are included. Note that the download file is a 7zip archive, not a PNG image.

Download No website Updated 30 Dec 2011 uWSGI

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Vit 4.57

uWSGI is a fast, sysadmin-friendly application server container, meant for professional deployment and development of Python, Perl, Ruby and Lua Web applications. It features multiple apps in a single process, advanced logging, sendfile(), memory reports, an integrated profiler, vector based I/O, self-healing, and a lot more.

No download No website Updated 22 Jul 2010 uWiki

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uWiki is a minimalistic wiki engine. All actions are implemented in external scripts. These scripts are wikified, and thus the wiki is extensible by itself. All dynamic access is protected through ACLs. Wiki content and Web content can be mixed in the same directory hierarchy. Markup engines and revision control are plugin-able. Currently, asciidoc as the markup engine and git as the revision control backend are provided. Subdirectories can form independent sub-wikis with own revision control. Features like distributed pages that syncronize between wikis, spam protection, and batch jobs to schedule mirroring of other content (bittorrent, git, rsync, and wget) are in planning.

Download Website Updated 24 Jan 2011 uam

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uam is a set of udev rules and shell scripts to mount USB media automatically as soon as it is inserted. It features flexible configuration, mount point naming rules, and hooks.


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PDF Split and Merge

A tool to split and merge PDF files.


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A 3D virtual environment server platform.