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Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2001 dbench

Pop 99.07
Vit 69.00

dbench is a filesystem benchmark that generates load patterns similar to those of the commercial Netbench benchmark, but without requiring a lab of Windows load generators to run. It is now considered a de-facto standard for generating load on the Linux VFS.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2001 GNOME Wireless Applet

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.74

The GNOME Wireless Applet is a wireless link quality monitor panel applet for GNOME. It reads the link quality out of /proc/net/wireless and reports quality by altering color, like a mood ring. It also provides a management console (GUI) to change wireless extension settings, including encryption keys, power management, and operation mode.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2001 LiMpOo

Pop 39.86
Vit 2.32

LiMpOo is a multimedia player platform based on a Linux system using a Perl engine. It features playback of MP3 files (with playlists), CD audio (with CDDB lookup), and support for encoding, LCD, and IR. It uses MySQL for speed improvements. A PHP front-end helps to maintain all playlists.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2001 CoreLinux++ Framework

Pop 15.84
Vit 3.25

The CoreLinux++ Abstract Framework Library (libclfw++) is a library meant to facilitate the development of commonly used frameworks for C++ applications. It does this by providing common classes and the abstractions of frameworks for extension.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2001 QuakeMUD

Pop 12.73
Vit 1.00

QuakeMUD is a simple and silly Quake themed MUD, good for a few minutes of fun.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2001 tAAt 2001 new year production

Pop 10.34
Vit 1.43

This is the first production for the year 2001 by the tAAt demogroup. It features a graphical effect, and a text writer on top of it, and background music. It requires SDL 1.1 and FMOD libraries.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2001 hpgs

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.45

hpgs is a printer driver that lets you to print on a HP 6xx Series printer using economic mode. It relies on the printer driver included in GhostScript to do everything but put the printer into economic mode.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2001 NBC-VBI - Linux R@dio.MP3 saver

Pop 10.25
Vit 1.42

NBC-VBI is a recording tool for the German Radio.MP3 (operated by MusicPlay), which can be received in Germany via NBC Europe (cable network) and uses the vertical blanking interval of television signals to send the MP3-data. NBC-VBI provides automatic MP3-saver-functions, a cover-saver, filter system, dupe-check, and more.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2001 NovaMail

Pop 11.70
Vit 1.00

NovaMail is a script that extends the flexibility of e- mail notification systems in NovaNet 8 Alliance for Linux by NovaStor (http://www.novastor.com). It features per job configuration, different reporting level, and archiving of log files.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2001 gRustibus

Pop 36.24
Vit 2.08

gRustibus is a M.A.M.E. frontend for the GNOME environment. Its goal is to be feature-rich and easy to use. It shows screenshots, flyers, cabinet photos, and info for your M.A.M.E. ROMs, and allows you to configure each game individually. Most operations can be done using the keyboard.


Project Spotlight

Packet Peeper

A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.


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Embedthis ESP

A C language Web framework.