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Download Website Updated 01 Apr 2005 Ksetiwatch

Pop 99.35
Vit 6.73

Ksetiwatch is a monitoring tool for the SETI@home distributed computing project, which searches for signals of extraterrestrial life. It displays the state of the Seti@home client(s) running on your computer or in your local network, and logs/manages completed work units.

Download No website Updated 28 Nov 2004 KBoxes!

Pop 29.46
Vit 2.13

kboxes! is a little mind game that you can play against another human or the computer. The object is to wipe out boxes from a set of 1, 3, 5, and 7 boxes. The person who wipes the last one loses the game.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2002 imsptool

Pop 18.28
Vit 2.64

imsptool is a command line tool to communicate with an IMSP server. It allows you to create, delete, import, and export address books. imsptool imports and exports using the LDIF format, which Netscape Messenger and LDAP directory servers such as OpenLDAP use directly.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 SOLO

Pop 13.71
Vit 1.00

SOLO (ShagOs LOader) is an x86 bootloader that can directly load and execute protected-mode 32-bit ELF, a.out, and plan9-a.out binaries. It contains a simple boot shell and can run customized scripts to provide boot menus, password protection, etc., at boot time. It comes with commands for scanning for available video modes, unzipping gzip'ed files, and a kernel interface that allows it to call back into 16-bit real mode for BIOS calls, etc. Some debugging facilities are also provided, such as default trap handlers and the ability to set a hardware breakpoint. The initial console I/O can be redirected over a serial port for headless systems.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2001 PACT

Pop 47.37
Vit 4.18

PACT is a software package to do complete port accounting for SNMP-manageable devices like routers, hubs, and switches. Administration is done using an HTML interface with dynamic data fed through PHP and MySQL database backend.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2001 Generator

Pop 50.40
Vit 3.20

Generator is a portable Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) emulator with gtk/SDL, SVGAlib and Tcl/Tk user interfaces. It features its own unique portable 68000 core processor emulation enhanced by recompilation techniques.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2004 oMail-admin

Pop 57.65
Vit 5.54

oMail-admin is a PHP-based Web frontend to qmail and vmailmgrd. It can be used by domain owners and single users to easily administer their mail accounts without bothering the sysadmin. Its features include mailbox/alias management, auto-responder (vacation-like) support, support for changing passwords, and translations for the French, English, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Romana, Czech, Nederlands, and German languages.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 XInvaders 3D

Pop 14.07
Vit 2.00

XInvaders 3D is a 3D Space Invaders clone for X11. You are a lone star fighter facing endless waves of space aliens. Your sole objective is to shoot down as many aliens as you can.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dlkern

Pop 14.59
Vit 1.44

dlkern downloads the current stable/beta/prepatch Linux kernel and its signature, and verifies the signature via GnuPG.pm. Versions are specified on the command line as -s (stable), -b (beta), or -p (pre-patch) (all 3 may be specified at once). Downloads are done via ncftpget, wget, or Net::FTP. It allows specification of 2-letter country code for the kernel mirror system, and selection of compression format (.gz/.bz2).

Download Website Updated 19 May 2001 E-Notes

Pop 28.20
Vit 2.35

E-Notes is an application delete, create, and configure your notes. The configuration can modify all properties of a note, like the border, title, text, colors (text and background), background image, font, padding, transparency, window attributes, shading, and defaults. An alarm can also be set for each note, and it works with the Enlightenment epplet and Window Maker dockapp.


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A commandline tool for managing your local area network.


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GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.