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Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 DutNux

Pop 22.05
Vit 1.45

DutNux is a mini Linux distribution that supports WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol) with transparent proxying using Squid. It is intended to cooperate with Cisco routers.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 ngrep-lib

Pop 23.83
Vit 1.76

ngrep-lib is a packet filtering library based on ngrep. It provides easy interface. Instead of having to worry about pcap, options, syntax, processing of IP packets, etc. you can just initialize and run, letting callback functions handle the rest.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 civreplay

Pop 18.57
Vit 1.00

civreplay reads a series of freeciv saved game files, generates a world map, and animates it, showing the rise and fall of the various civilizations in the game. Several options are customizable, from the size of the map to the size of each city's "influence" on the map.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 Dia2Code

Pop 73.36
Vit 2.95

Dia2Code is a small utility to make code from a Dia Diagram, and eases the programmer's work by generating the structure of the classes in an Object Oriented language (like C++ and Java) from a graphical representation of them (a la Dia Diagram). It can generate code for many languages.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 spurtg

Pop 42.19
Vit 1.78

spurtg is an opensource (GPL) software package that renders realtime graphics based on input streamed from the soundcard. It has been used in the past in a live musical performance environment. It uses linux framebuffer (fbdev) for graphics and OSS for sound input.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2002 Slackware Package Usage Checker

Pop 27.28
Vit 1.00

Slackware Package Usage Checker checks if any of the files in a package have been used in a certain amount of time. The output is a comma-seperated list of packages, which is very useful for shell scripts.

Download Website Updated 31 Dec 2001 aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II

Pop 16.34
Vit 67.47

aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II is simply Quake II in text mode, using aalib.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2001 Link Controller

Pop 13.93
Vit 1.00

LinkController is a software package designed to make maintaining Web pages easier by checking links and providing easy and integrated interfaces for examining and repairing broken links. In contrast with the standard design of link checking software, LinkController is designed to check links over the long term and to minimize the work involved in dealing with those broken links.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2001 apsfilter

Pop 136.26
Vit 4.52

Apsfilter is a magic printfilter, allowing you to print different document types "automagically" without having to convert them manually into something which is understood by your printer. Apsfilter is a mature and powerful printing solution for any flavor of Unix running lpd or LPRng. It supports the latest GhostScript version and 3rd-party printer drivers (such as hpijs, ijs, hpdj, pcl3, and gimp-print). It autodetects lots of file, archive, and compression types. It supports printing on local as well as on Appletalk, Unix, and Windows remote printers. General and "per printer-queue" based config files allow you to configure the printer for your needs. The lpr command line options allow you to change printing parameters like print quality, orientation, duplex mode, etc. "on the fly" without having to edit any config file. A SETUP script helps you to test various supported ghostscript drivers prior installation, makes the necessary entries in /etc/printcap, creates spool directories, and creates apsfilter default config files as needed. A handbook in HTML is available. Several tools are also included: "aps2file" allows you to print to a file via apsfilter, "apspreview" previews files as generated by apsfilter using gv and friends, and "apsfilter-bug" assists you in doing bug and problem reports.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2001 fbgetty

Pop 93.40
Vit 3.67

fbgetty is a console getty like mingetty, which supports framebuffers. It also uses an extend issue field and refreshes the displayed issue, when a VT (Virtual Terminal) is activated.


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


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A C++ library for developing Web applications.