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Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2002 gPS

Pop 54.68
Vit 5.54

gPS (graphical Process Statistics) is a system information applet based on GTK+. It displays the processes of one or more computers (like ps or top), allows killing, renicing, and signal sending, shows lots of details on selected processes, shows CPU/Memory usage and history graphs, and is capable of watching networked computers in addition to the local one. It also provides an easy way to send signals to processes based on their owners (uid), groups (gid), and string matching.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2002 Mechapoint

Pop 21.26
Vit 2.02

Mechapoint is a simple presentation program for playing slide-based presentations. It uses the Enlightenment project's Evas canvas library as its backend drawing system, which provides a lot of scope for creating effects. It also uses an XML file format which is (relatively) easy to write.

No download Website Updated 26 Apr 2002 @1 Data Sorting Tool

Pop 14.46
Vit 66.60

@1 Data Sorting Tool grabs contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data before tabulating it into an HTML table. Visitors can click on the title fields to re-sort the table in acending or decending order. It works with MS Excel/Access data files or any other tab/pipe/colon-delimited text files, and supports unlimited tables and sub-user accounts.

Download Website Updated 26 Apr 2002 MyLUA

Pop 27.28
Vit 2.34

MyLUA is a patch to MySQL that embeds a script language, LUA, in MySQL. With MyLUA any user can write a procedure in a simpler way using a script language without rebuilding the server.

Download Website Updated 26 Apr 2002 Unpack

Pop 31.75
Vit 1.42

Unpack automates the process of extracting source tarballs to a fixed location. By default, it will extract the tarballs to either $HOME/src or /tmp. It first checks that the tarball will create its own subdirectory, and if not, unpack creates a directory based on the tarball filename. Unpack is written in Perl and was developed for Linux, but should run unmodified on most Unix-based systems, although a recent version of GNU tar is recommended.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2002 GtkMathView Widget

Pop 58.03
Vit 3.19

GtkMathView is a GTK widget for rendering MathML documents. It is meant to be a standalone, light-weight component and not a full browser. GTK applications can use the widget as a window for displaying mathematical formulas and doing simple interactions. Among other features, GtkMathView includes support for breaking long mathematical expressions, rendering of stretchy operators, and provides a customizable support for additional fonts.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2002 KMagnifier

Pop 26.10
Vit 1.00

KMagnifier is a screen magnifier for Linux/Unix (using KDE).

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2002 Ucron

Pop 35.99
Vit 1.00

Ucron is a cron daemon which allows crontabs to be centrally managed and distributed to any number of nodes. It runs alongside the system's standard crond.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2002 net-pipe

Pop 17.94
Vit 66.62

net-pipe is a set of shell level tools to redirect standard input and/or output to TCP/IP or UDP/IP sockets.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2002 Reaper Scripts

Pop 21.07
Vit 1.73

Reaper is a set of tcl/bash scripts designed to aid eggdrop/bnc shell providers in process maintenance (limiting the number of background processes, memory usage, CPU usage, and priority).


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


Project Spotlight


A C++ library for developing Web applications.