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No download Website Updated 01 May 2002 OpenAether

Pop 15.30
Vit 66.56

OpenAether is a collection of libraries and programs that let you do cool things with Jabber. Initially focusing on flexible and easy client development, they also support RDBM access and calendaring.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 Mp3Kult

Pop 36.28
Vit 2.95

Mp3Kult is an application for KDE 3. It organizes your MP3/Ogg collection in a MySQL database. It can read MP3/Ogg tags and song information (length, bit rate, sample rate, etc.), make playlists, play songs with an external player (xmms, gqmpeg), find a song in database (base and advanced search), and make a copy of a playlist on your hard disk (to play the playlist without inserting CDROMs). Mp3Kult can recursivly scan directories to find MP3/Ogg files, and it can automatically mount, umount, and eject a CDROM before/after a job.

No download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 XBELette

Pop 39.77
Vit 2.37

XBELette is a client-server solution for managing your bookmarks. It uses the XBEL (XML Bookmark Exchange Language) format.

Download No website Updated 30 Apr 2002 X-Report

Pop 10.05
Vit 1.74

X-Report is a Kylix 2/Delphi 6 reporting tool component. It consists of a report engine, designer (design-time and runtime), and preview.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 PT Print

Pop 34.12
Vit 2.46

PT is an easy-to-use, fast, and configurable printing tool for viewing and managing print jobs of the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS). You can use it to delete, hold, and release print jobs, and to move them to another printer.

No download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 Jooky

Pop 27.17
Vit 3.81

Jooky is a frontend for MP3 players which can run as a daemon and be controlled through client/server operations or telnet. It can run full screen/curses, be daemonized, or be /etc/inittabed.

No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 ParPortMG

Pop 8.77
Vit 1.00

ParPortMG is a set of Tcl scripts and C functions to enable control of the parallel port (through Linux). It enables data to be sent to Multigig's RTW0 chip to control the clock frequency on a PCB.

No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 greq

Pop 44.37
Vit 2.25

Greq is a program that lets you build simple GTK+ dialogs (or requesters in AMIGA lingo) from within a shell script. This is useful if you are writing shell scripts that need to get input from a user by way of a GUI.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 Diald

Pop 56.32
Vit 2.59

Diald manages network links, particularly on-demand links such as dial-up SLIP or PPP. It can also be used to manage and/or monitor any network interface. Diald monitors traffic on the link and makes intelligent (and highly configurable) decisions as to when the link should be brought up or taken down. The included control program, dctrl, runs on any system with Tcl/Tk (yes, even Windows) and allows diald to be controlled and monitored remotely.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 gsfdm

Pop 12.00
Vit 1.42

GSFDM is a new Internet downloader. It provides some new functionnality, including plug-in support (HTML, FTP, ASF), a versative interface, session management, ability to end connection, CORBA support, and automatic URL content parsing.


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


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A C++ library for developing Web applications.