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No download Website Updated 16 May 2002 DVBTools

Pop 37.88
Vit 66.45

DVBTools is a collection of tools for DVB cards, including dvbdate, dvbstream, dvbtune, and rtpsaudio.

No download Website Updated 16 May 2002 speedstep

Pop 46.43
Vit 1.41

speedstep is an Intel Mobile Pentium III Speedstep (speedstep type 2) switching utility for Linux.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2002 TAON (The Art Of Noise)

Pop 27.06
Vit 1.57

TAON (The Art Of Noise) is a small but fancy sound editor with plugin support. It reads WAV (RAW and PCM) files, includes some built-in effects, and features a plugin API. A SID reader/generator plugin is included.

Download No website Updated 15 May 2002 System Installation Suite

Pop 56.28
Vit 1.01

System Installation Suite is an image-based installation tool for RPM-based Linux distributions. It is a collection of packages, including System Installer, SystemImager, and System Configurator which provide a total solution for Linux installation and maintenance.

No download Website Updated 15 May 2002 AQueryx

Pop 16.67
Vit 1.42

XTG AQueryx is a cross-platform and cross-backend interactive query tool. The users of it are mostly database developers and administrators who need to quickly hand-code many SQL queries, modify database structure, and query table data. It features query editor, tabular output, 3 workspaces, simple DB backend connectivity, and more.

Download No website Updated 15 May 2002 Linux Interface Traffic Monitor

Pop 43.59
Vit 1.00

iftraf - is a linux interface traffic monitor. With this software you may monitor network interface activity on the linux box from Windows workstations.

Download No website Updated 14 May 2002 libgnurdf

Pop 28.37
Vit 2.76

The libgnurdf library makes it easy to create, modify, and search RDF (Resource Description Format) files. It was based off the RDF implementation in gnorpm, but has evolved since then, and is suited for all types of applications.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2002 6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool

Pop 60.37
Vit 3.28

6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool is a package that automates queries to the AudioGalaxy music sharing system. It enables you to queue any song (at a minimum configurable bitrate) with one command line, even if the AudioGalaxy site is busy or unresponsive. It will also allow you to queue most full albums with one command line, by going on AllMusic.Com to look up the song list, and queueing up each of the songs listed.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2002 Perl-RPM

Pop 45.10
Vit 3.58

The Perl-RPM package is an attempt at native bindings to the C-level API of the RPM Package Manager. It uses a combination of Perl and C code to provide access to the package database, package headers, and other RPM functionality from within Perl.

No download Website Updated 13 May 2002 PIGALE

Pop 38.65
Vit 1.42

PIGALE is a graph editor and an algorithm library essentially concerned with planar graphs. This software is particularly intended for graph theoretical research.


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


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A C++ library for developing Web applications.