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Download No website Updated 13 Jul 2011 PHPSandbox

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Vit 1.43

PHPSandbox is a way to run PHP includes as separate processes. It provides protection to your outer scripts from errors, crashes, slow scripts, or user generated/provided PHP from doing things that are probably best not run in your code.

No download Website Updated 19 Jan 2012 SITPLUS

Pop 31.27
Vit 1.92

SITPLUS is a framework whose main goal is to provide ludic-therapeutic activities for people with disabilities. It offers new forms of interaction based on computer vision, voice, and other peripherals to produce a result in the form of image and sound. Inspired by the cause and effect applications, SITPLUS provides a tool for continuous and remote interaction, attainable by the majority of people with cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities.

No download Website Updated 27 Jun 2011 Goldchest

Pop 15.59
Vit 32.97

Goldchest is a new game engine inspired by the old Gold Box style games. The goal is to create a game with the same look and feel of the Gold Box games while bringing to it newer graphics, sounds, music, and network play.

No download Website Updated 04 Jan 2014 Oz

Pop 62.55
Vit 3.63

Oz is a tool for automatically installing guest operating systems with only minimal up-front input from the user.

No download Website Updated 04 Jan 2014 ruby-libvirt

Pop 21.42
Vit 2.56

ruby-libvirt provides Ruby bindings for libvirt. With the bindings, you can access the libvirt APIs directly from your Ruby programs.

Download No website Updated 03 Jul 2011 DeforaOS cpp

Pop 15.39
Vit 32.97

DeforaOS cpp is a C pre-processor and library, as used by the DeforaOS asm and c99 projects when parsing source code.

Download Website Updated 24 Jan 2012 grixec

Pop 24.12
Vit 1.11

grixec is a script that implements a few user-space commands that permit the running of batch jobs on the local computer or on any accessible computer where the user has an ssh account. Data, results, and execution parameters of each job are stored in a new directory for each run. Basic methods to sort out job directories by project and to document results are provided.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2011 db-ris

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Vit 1.42

db-ris is an interface to the DeutscheBahn arrival/departure monitor available at http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/bhftafel.exe/dn. It takes a station name (and optional date and time) and reports all arrivals or departures at that station. This distribution ships the CLI application db-ris and the Perl library Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2011 zipdy

Pop 13.38
Vit 1.00

Zipdy is a program for calculating the distance between two zip codes and finding all the records in a RDBMS with a zip code within a given distance from another zip code. It runs with GIS data from the US Census.

No download Website Updated 07 Jul 2011 pam_supair

Pop 13.89
Vit 32.94

pam_supair is a PAM module for use with su(1) that authenticates the user if and only if that user's name (obtained via that user's real id) and su's target user name (obtained via pam_get_user(3)) form a pair that is allowed by the configuration. Multiple pairs can be specified.


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A Document Imaging Archive System.


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A Java library and applications for software licensing.