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Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2008 namingmuse

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Vit 2.24

namingmuse is a library and application that accesses freedb.org and MusicBrainz (PUID), and renames and tags music albums with information from the site (such as year, genre, album name, title, and artist). It supports disc ID generation from the music file types supported by TagLib, as well as full text search of the freedb.org Web site using an HTML parser. It is encoding-aware, and can tag Ogg Vorbis and FLAC with UTF-8 Xiph Comments, MP3 with ID3v2 in Latin1 or UTF-8, and MusePack with UTF-8 APE tags.

No download Website Updated 07 Jun 2014 nan_payload

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Vit 3.43

nan_payload is an Ada package that provides support for using the NaN payload field from IEEE-754 floating point. Storing 'non-available' errors as well as other symbolic values instead of any of the numbers in numeric arrays is necessary in many statistical applications. The package allows you to read and write the part of NaN IEEE754-64 bit values known as 'the payload', which is 51 bits long, and also to treat the long_float type as an implicit tagged type by storing tags and values in the payload. Calendar dates with ms resolution as well as 9-letter symbols and some not available/error codes are provided as subtypes. Formatted output with Fortran-like descriptors as well as reading values from strings for these types is also provided.

No download Website Updated 09 Feb 2013 nanimstudio

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Vit 22.24

nanimstudio is graphical tool for editing 2D animations. It generates nanim files, an optimized format for games, and can import and export GIF animations and spritesheets.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2003 nanoFTPd

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Vit 1.42

nanoFTPd is a basic FTP daemon written in PHP. Currently it supports user authentication via a database (MySQL or PostgreSQL), a custom authentication library, passive mode, dynamic IP, and basic FTP commands.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 napMan

Pop 18.11
Vit 1.42

napMan is an infobot that provides you with a real time glimpse into the current state of the worldwide network of nap servers that are based on either the closed source Napster protocol or the Open Source opennap protocol. It displays a list of all the nap servers and current statistics for each server (users, number of MP3 files, gigabytes), and provides the ability to ping individual servers and check the network lag time, a facility to save the list of servers and statistics to a file, and the ability to refresh statistics for individual servers or all the servers.

Download Website Updated 30 Nov 2009 napster-dl

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Vit 3.21

Napster-dl is an application that allows downloading of napster songs from free.napster.com.

    Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2008 naraio

    Pop 32.17
    Vit 1.43

    Naraio is a complete package of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Openssl, Openssh, OpenLDAP, Subversion, Ruby, Python, Phpldapadmin, and Trac. Naraio works with secure LDAP. Users of Trac and Subversion are authenticated with the included OpenLDAP. This is similar to LAMP software with more packages. Naraio is designed to be small and flexible. It is suitable both for small and big enterprises.

    No download Website Updated 28 Mar 2014 nassh-relay

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    Vit 2.35

    nassh-relay implements a relay server used with the Secure Shell (hterm) plugin for the Chromium Web browser. It tunnels ssh traffic through an HTTP xhr or websockets connection. It could be used as a gateway to route traffic to an internal network (it supports authentication on the HTTP endpoint) or simply as an ssh-over-HTTP proxy.

    No download Website Updated 28 Apr 2014 nautilus secure phone

    Pop 41.33
    Vit 7.16

    Nautilus secure phone is a program that allows two parties to hold a secure voice conversation. Released in May of 1995, it ran on ordinary phone lines using a pair of modems (one at each end). It was meant as an answer to NSA's attempts to force "key escrow" on encrypted communication. Later versions of the program could also use TCP, i.e. the Internet. After the original developers abandoned the project, it was taken over by German maintainers. Actual development focuses on porting to the ARM platform and portability.

    Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2009 nautilus-search-tool

    Pop 29.10
    Vit 2.27

    nautilus-search-tool is a Nautilus extension to have "search files" on a popup menu.


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    PDF Split and Merge

    A tool to split and merge PDF files.


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    A 3D virtual environment server platform.