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Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2003 TSSHP

Pop 84.98
Vit 4.68

TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) is a project to reverse-engineer and recode (from scratch, but using the original datafiles) the 3D role-playing/shooter games from Looking Glass (System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds).

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2003 xml2sql-v

Pop 34.12
Vit 1.43

xml2sql-v is based on expat and is a quick and dirty solution to transform the content of any well-formed XML file into SQL INSERT statements such that you can postprocess the content of the XML data with SQL. The XML file is neither tested for correctness nor is it checked to contain anything reasonable. The insert statements will have the UTF-8 characterset but there are 3 more utilities (entityfix, latin1-utf8, and utf8-latin1), to fix broken HTML entities within the XML files, convert "forgotten" Latin1-Characters into proper XML entities, and convert the output back to Latin1 for easy insertion into the database.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 keduca

Pop 11.92
Vit 1.55

KEduca allows the creation and revision of form-based tests and exams. It supports the idea of multiple databases with public questions and answers that can be shared among users via the Internet.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 pipebench

Pop 70.04
Vit 2.03

Pipebench shows the current throughput and amount of data going through a pipe. It can be used to show the progress of a large md5sum process: cat bigfile | pipebench | md5sum.

No download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 MishiGame

Pop 13.27
Vit 1.00

MishiGame is a tetris-like game which uses the SDL libraries.

No download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 Cxmame

Pop 29.22
Vit 2.73

Cxmame is a simple console-based frontend for xmame using the ncurses library. It was originally intended for xmame.svgalib, but works with all xmame targets.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 Darius Tools

Pop 59.57
Vit 3.04

Darius Tools is a collection of miscellaneous scripts which are useful for a variety of purposes. They are all designed to be faster and easier to use than the command line that would normally be required to accomplish the same task. For example, there are scripts for mass conversion of WAV files to Ogg files and Ogg files to WAV files, for converting LaTeX to PostScript and viewing the output in ggv, for creating image thumbnails, for converting from the Euro to another currency, for automated updating via FTP and for removing backups recursively. The Darius Tools are split among several packages according to different categories.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2003 MetalServe

Pop 17.75
Vit 1.03

MetalServe is a standalone DCC file server that can be used to share files on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks such as EFNet and Undernet. Unlike the only available similar Unix program, iroffer, which offers "packs" of files, MetalServe offers single files similar to the way the SDFind, SPRJukebox, and OmenServe scripts for mIRC, a Windows IRC client, work.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2003 Remote Internet Connect

Pop 97.40
Vit 3.64

Remote Internet Connect simplifies connecting a Linux box to the Internet from another machine running any operating system. A simple GUI allows the user to quickly connect, disconnect, or see who is online.

Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2003 Goben

Pop 34.09
Vit 3.01

Goben is a GTK+ 1.2 GUI for playing Go. It allows any combination of human vs. computer, computer vs computer, or human vs human play, and supports any board size from 5x5 to the full 19x19. Computer players are controlled via GTP for compatibility with GNUGo and other GTP talking Go programs. SGF support is provided for saving, loading, and continuing games.


Project Spotlight

Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


Project Spotlight


A C++ library for developing Web applications.