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Download Website Updated 02 May 2003 RealizationEngine Group Communicator

Pop 106.75
Vit 5.09

The RealizationEngine is designed from the ground up to facilitate group communication and collaboration. It will store that communication to built and manage an institutional knowledge base. It is accessible from any Web browser or Web-enabled device. Classified information is easily restricted to authorized individuals. Information can be compartmentalized, restricted, or published openly, as appropriate, all from the same system. Ideas are coherently threaded, and every message is searchable in a single location and in the context of the messages related to it.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2003 Dozo

Pop 12.57
Vit 1.00

The object of Dozo is to be the first player to make a triangle with any one of four colors.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2003 MPC8XX Debugging Library

Pop 9.70
Vit 1.42

The MPC8XX Debugging Library lets you debug MPC8xx-based boards by means of a LPT port debugging cable. A GDB patch is also available to use the library from GDB.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2003 Cflow2VCG

Pop 38.88
Vit 2.15

Cflow2vcg converts the result of the cflow utility to a VCG format. It offers the ability to view graphically the call-graph of sources, and import it into documentation.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2003 gAlan

Pop 163.16
Vit 4.88

gAlan is an audio-processing tool for X Windows and Win32. It allows you to build synthesizers, effects chains, mixers, sequencers, drum machines, etc. in a modular fashion by linking together icons representing primitive audio processing components.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2003 Camsource

Pop 75.63
Vit 2.91

Camsource is a modularized and multithreaded daemon for grabbing image frames from a video4linux device. It uses a simple yet powerful plugin system, which allows it to use the same grabbed images for multiple purposes at the same time. It features image filter plugins, which can be daisychained in the XML config file to modify the image before passing them to other plugins. Included plugins provide compatibility with camserv (multipart jpeg streams) and webcam_server, a local snapshot file writing module, and an FTP upload module, as well as basic image filtering (resizing, flipping, and rotating).

Download Website Updated 01 May 2003 murasaki

Pop 19.97
Vit 2.21

Murasaki automatically loads and unloads modules for USB, Cardbus, and other hot-pluggable devices using the new "Hotplug" feature in Linux 2.4.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2003 Eddi

Pop 45.40
Vit 4.21

Eddi is a powerful and easy-to-use text editor for X. It can use macros and has syntax highlighting.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2003 SuckMT

Pop 26.74
Vit 2.54

SuckMT is a multithreaded replacement for suck that uses client NNTP to download news messages from a news server. It automatically balances the download of all news items over several NNTP socket connections, thus actually using a lot more of the available bandwidth. SuckMT includes kill/keep rules that are regular expressions which can optionally be case insensitive. Statistics are kept how often and when a kill/keep rule was matched for the last time. To upload new messages back to the NNTP server you will still need tools from the suck package.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2003 Ulog

Pop 19.44
Vit 1.52

Ulog enables you to list past and present X11 sessions on a whole domain of machines. It is the X11 equivalent of "who" or "last" commands, with much more sophisticated options and search criteria (such as login username, hostname, display name, login/logout times, etc.). It relies on a ulogd daemon which keeps track of events (login, logout, etc.) sent via, for example, the startup and reset scripts of xdm.


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.


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A C++ library for developing Web applications.