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Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2009 Lurker

Pop 100.05
Vit 6.24

Lurker is a mailing list archiver designed for capacity, speed, simplicity, and configurability, in that order. Noteworthy features include: Google-style searching on all fields, chronology preserving threads, multilingual support, and attachment support.

Download No website Updated 19 Jun 2002 WebInvoice

Pop 28.12
Vit 1.41

WebInvoice is a Website project to manage clients, billing, and payments. It uses the PostgreSQL database server and is written in Perl, HTML, and JavaScript.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2003 gAnim8

Pop 48.91
Vit 2.30

gAnim8 is a suite of tools for building and manipulating animated GIFs and small videos in a GTK/GNOME environment. It allows animated GIFs and videos (MPG, AVI/ASF, WMV, SWF, RM, MOV, or M4V) to be easily created, edited, previewed, recorded, or saved into screenshots.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2007 Acer Hotkey Driver

Pop 64.00
Vit 7.67

The Acer Hotkey Driver is a kernel driver to access the launch keys found on Acer's Travelmate series and similar notebooks from other vendors. It is also capable of activating the WLAN and Bluetooth hardware found on some of the supported notebooks.

No download Website Updated 08 Jul 2002 POPulation MAPper

Pop 12.85
Vit 1.42

POPulation MAPper (popmap) creates population maps by reading from a configuration file the different sites and the weight of a certain type of population for each site, retrieving the best map for the set of sites from mapblast, and drawing dots in the given sites coordinates proportional to the weight of the population. It uses the same engine as gpsmap and gpsdrive.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2011 Player/Stage

Pop 45.17
Vit 2.94

Player provides a language-independent networked interface to robots and their sensors. Supported devices include Pioneer 2DX robots with sonar, odometry & compass, SICK laser rangefinder, ACTS color vision system, GPS, gripper and wireless communications. Stage provides a population of simulated Player devices. Controllers designed using Stage have been shown to work unchanged on real robots and vice versa. Stage aims for low-fidelity simulation of many devices, rather than perfect models.

Download No website Updated 14 Jun 2002 MyCTS

Pop 34.60
Vit 1.00

My Centralized Timeregistration System (MyCTS) is a software project timekeeping management system. It includes a Linux server, an administrator/stats Web site, and clients for submitting registatrations.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2003 linc is not cyberoam

Pop 15.10
Vit 2.07

linc is a free multiplatform client for Cyberoam and 24online. Cyberoam is an employee Internet management system used by corporate networks. 24online is a subscriber management system for broadband ISPs.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2002 XED

Pop 18.38
Vit 66.24

XED is a text editor for XML document instances. It is designed to support hand-authoring of small-to-medium-sized XML documents, and is optimized for keyboard input. It works very hard to ensure that you cannot produce a badly-formed document. Although it does not validate, the results of offline validation can be accessed, and it does read DTDs and keep track of your document structure, and provides context-based accelerators to make element and attribute entry fast and easy.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2005 Echelog

Pop 35.33
Vit 2.36

Echelog is a modular monitoring system. Agents, distributed on computers over network, monitor the state of hosts and the network, and collected data are securely transferred (using SSL protocol) to special servers where they are processed and stored.


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A SFTP plugin for the Total Commander based on PuTTY.


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A distributed system monitoring solution.