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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 The Linux Console Data

Pop 49.90
Vit 1.43

The Linux Console Data package contains all data files (keymaps, fonts, misc tables) that used to be part of the Linux Console Tools.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2001 The Linux Console Tools

Pop 60.56
Vit 3.32

The console-tools package allows you to set-up and manipulate the Linux console (ie. text screen and keyboard), and manipulate console-font files. It was developed from version 0.94 of the standard `kbd' package, and integrates many fixes and enhancements, including new kbd features up to 0.99.

Download Website Updated 02 Aug 2003 The Linux Memory Game

Pop 34.50
Vit 3.34

The Linux Memory Game is an X11 game using GTK+ library for children ages 3 and up. It is a lot more than the card game "Memory". It has five skill levels, the higher ones are challenging to adults as well. Additionally, one can choose from the menu to match 2 cards or 3 cards, or match different cards. This last "different card" mode can be a very good teaching tool for teaching languages, concepts, or association.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2006 The Manhattan Virtual Classroom

Pop 134.32
Vit 5.99

Manhattan is a Web-based course management system. It includes its own private email system, a variety of discussion groups, assignments, surveys, and grades modules, live chat, facilities for delivering multimedia, and more. Designed for asynchronous Web-based distance learning, Manhattan can also be used to add an online dimension to traditional courses. Manhattan is fully documented.

Download Website Updated 16 Nov 2001 The Microwindows Project

Pop 35.40
Vit 3.10

Microwindows is an Open Source project aimed at bringing the features of modern graphical windowing environments to smaller devices and platforms. Microwindows allows applications to be built and tested on the Linux desktop, as well as cross-compiled for the target device. Microwindows' genesis was with the NanoGUI project, and has now been combined into a single distribution. The Win32/WinCE API implementation is known as Microwindows, and the Xlib-like API implementation is known as Nano-X.

Download No website Updated 15 Apr 2005 The MusicKit and SndKit

Pop 63.61
Vit 3.01

The MusicKit is an object-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI applications. The distribution is a comprehensive package that includes on-line documentation, programming examples, utilities, applications and sample score documents.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 The Nebula Device

Pop 57.34
Vit 2.74

The Nebula Device is a free multiplatform game engine currently running under Linux and Windows. It uses OpenGL and/or Direct3D for rendering and Tcl/Tk for scripting. Living C++ objects can be browsed and manipulated at runtime from the builtin console, or remotedly from a minimal terminal based console app. A powerful channel animation system allows any floating point attribute to be animated, and specialized animator classes allow things like realtime bone animation with weighted vertex skin.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2010 The XView Toolkit

Pop 78.33
Vit 6.63

XView (X Window-System-based Visual/Integrated Environment for Workstations) is a user-interface toolkit to support interactive, graphics-based applications running under the X Window System. XView provides a set of pre-built, user-interface objects such as canvases, scrollbars, menus, and control panels. The appearance and functionality of these objects follow the OPEN LOOK Graphical User Interface (GUI) specification. XView features an object-oriented style Application Programmer's Interface (API) that is straightforward and easy to learn.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 theosim

Pop 14.07
Vit 1.00

theosim is a simulation and compilation package of several languages which are of theoretical relevance only (PASCALLI, PASCALLINO and RAM).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 This American Life Secret Decoder

Pop 8.60
Vit 1.00

The "This American Life" radio show Secret Decoder is for fans of NPR's "This American Life". The secret decoder implementation is now available for Linux and allows decoding of the messages at the end of the broadcasts.


Project Spotlight


A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.


Project Spotlight

Monkey HTTP Daemon

A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.