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Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2010 Anonymous FTP Daemon

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Aftpd is an FTP server for anonymous access designed for Unix-like operating systems. It uses an asynchronous model of connection processing and provides service for all users within a single process; can use multiple threads to run more efficiently on multi-core systems, with each thread serving multiple clients simultaneously; uses effective mechanisms of transferring files, minimizing copying of data in RAM (sendfile or a combination of the system calls mmap/writev); uses effective event notification schemes (kqueue on FreeBSD and epoll on Linux); uses poll or select in older systems; and supports IPv6. For safety, it works as an unprivileged user and uses chroot.

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2013 AstroCam System

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AstroCam is an C-based stepper motor control system including both a PHP and a Perl based Web interface. You can use it for controlling webcams over the Internet or an intranet, or for everything else you could want to do with a stepper motor.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2013 EagleMQ

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EagleMQ is a high-performance and lightweight queue manager.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2007 EmSniff

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EmSniff is an application that helps you to capture network packets. It differs from TCPDump in that it runs as a service instead of an application. This makes it possible to capture packets in the background. This can help applications like Wireshark to be more secure since they don't have to run with root privileges anymore. They only have to connect to the EmSniff server via libemsniff.

No download Website Updated 05 Aug 2006 Frunk

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Frunk is a simple program that detects and reports interface status changes using SNMP. Basically, it detects if one or more of a set of pre-configured interfaces are up or down and reports the fact by emailing alerts. It is good for monitoring several interfaces on several devices, normally routers, and checking for link failures. It also optionally creates and constantly updates an HTML document containing information on those interfaces which are down.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2012 ION-DTN

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The Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) software distribution is an implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) architecture as described in Internet RFC 4838. It includes implementations of the DTN Bundle Protocol, the Licklider Transmission Protocol, and two CCSDS application protocols that have been adapted to run over the BP/LTP stack: the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol and Asynchronous Message Service.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2013 MiniUPnP Client and Daemon

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The MiniUPnP project is a library and a daemon. The library is aimed to enable applications to use the capabilities of a UPnP Internet Gateway Device present on the network to forward ports. The daemon adds the UPnP Internet Gateway Device functionality to a NAT gateway running OpenBSD/NetBSD/FreeBSD/Solaris with PF/IPF or Linux 2.4.x/2.6.x with netfilter. One of its most interesting features is to enforce some permissions to allow or deny redirections, bringing some security to UPnP. Newer versions also support the NAT-PMP protocol from Apple.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2008 MonAMI

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MonAMI aims to be a standard place for monitoring the availability and performance of services. It can talk to many different monitoring systems while remaining easy to configure. It has a plugin structure, making it easy to add new things to monitor or to integrate with new monitoring systems.

Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2006 Netdisco

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Netdisco is a Web-based network management tool. Users can locate the switch port of an end-user system by IP or MAC address. Data is stored using a SQL database. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) optionally provides automatic discovery of the network topology. The network is inventoried by both device model and operating system (like IOS). It uses router ARP tables and L2 switch MAC forwarding tables to locate nodes on physical ports and track them by their IP addresses. For each node, a time stamped history of the ports it has visited and the IP addresses it has used is maintained. It gets all its data, including CDP topology information, with SNMP polls and DNS queries. Security features include a wire-side Wireless Access Point (AP) locator.

No download No website Updated 22 Oct 2011 OpenIB

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OpenIB provides an Infiniband networking software stack that is fast, scalable, reliable, and open.


Project Spotlight


A ncurses-based Jabber client.


Project Spotlight


Software that converts data into something meaningful and interpretable.