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No download Website Updated 28 Jan 2012 IronBox Linux

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IronBox Linux is a Linux distribution based on Linux From Scratch and designed for usage in high security server environments. Its main goal is to ensure a stable and secure deploy where patching and system upgrades do not depend on security bugs, but on the task team schedules and the needed features of the system or the software it runs.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2010 Lincom Linux

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Lincom is a Linux distribution created by volunteers who devote part of their time making Lincom an easy-to-use operating system. Lincom does not brand or make distribution-specific any part of software included, therefore, it is easy to customize to the user's taste. Lincom is fully customizable and the compilation of software that Lincom uses to create its distribution is easily available with full documentation of what Lincom does in terms of branding or customization.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2012 Fedora Project

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The Fedora Project is a community-run Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat.


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PHP Mini SQL Admin

A standalone script for accessing MySQL databases.


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Fast Light File Manager

A small graphical X11 file manager.