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No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2009 Flinger

Pop 14.56
Vit 1.42

Flinger is a super lightweight program launcher for GTK+-based systems. It's a simple program with very few dependencies, but it is very powerful. Its target user is someone who can write simple scripts and doesn't mind tinkering.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2013 Bridge Calculator

Pop 75.68
Vit 16.23

Bridge Calculator is set of programs which solve problems in the Bridge card game. It currently includes double and single dummy problem solvers, a deals generator, and an API for the double dummy solver for programmers.

No download Website Updated 02 Jun 2007 wmluabutton

Pop 14.63
Vit 1.00

wmluabutton is a general purpose dockapp that is scriptable with lua. It can load and display xpm images at runtime, detect mouse clicks on the images, and can check and update the state regularly. It is intended as a dockapp for X window managers such as Window Maker, AfterStep, BlackBox, and Enlightenment.


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GNU recutils

A set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles.


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Immutable Collections for Java

Functional language style immutable collections for Java.