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No download Website Updated 08 Nov 2004 Advanced Web Ranking

Pop 89.60
Vit 3.56

Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that will help you check your Web site position on all major search engines. It saves you hours of tedious work while monitoring your Web site's search engine position. It generates tabular and graphical reports that will help you check not just the position of your Web site, but the position of your competitors' Web sites as well.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2004 SoulCatcher

Pop 23.43
Vit 2.93

Soulcatcher is a Squid redirector designed with educational establishments in mind. It is designed to be easy to use and to allow updating easily via a command line.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2004 HITWEB

Pop 36.86
Vit 2.58

HITWEB is a Web site which provides people with a collection of thoroughly ranked Internet sites. Unlike a Web search engine, HITWEB requires human intervention to build its collection of links. HITWEB uses PHP, PHPLib (for templates), and MySQL.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2004 @1 Reciprocal Link Checker

Pop 18.33
Vit 60.33

RLC is a tool that performs reciprocal link checking automatically. Simply tell it where the remote Web pages you wish to monitor are, and the URLs of your links. It will then crawl the remote Web pages and give you feedback on the latest status (found, link not found, or page not found/network error). You may activate the checking as needed, or set up cron to carry out the checking once a week or so.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2004 KorWeblog

Pop 81.50
Vit 4.44

KorWeblog is highly customizable PHP/SQL Weblog/Content Management System initially based on phpweblog. Many features have been added, such as a FAQ, download, threaded comments, user-selectable site theme, user preferences, multi-login user support, story program, HTTP referer, browser/OS, and access counter in the stats page, anti-spam function, an IP blocking function, and more.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2004 LinkStatus

Pop 34.29
Vit 2.01

LinkStatus is a tool for checking links in a Web page. It can search by depth, domain, or both. On a domain search, it's also possible to choose the search depth of URLs with foreign domains. It supports both Portuguese and English. For performance, it supports several simultaneous connections and tries to use the same connection for the same sequence of requests.

No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2004 EZRO

Pop 35.14
Vit 61.00

EZ Reusable Objects (EZRO) is a Web application that can be used by non-technical staff to manage content as "objects." Content objects containing text, video, and audio can be shared, modified, and re-styled to appear via a traditional Web site, an on-line course, an innovative "Coach," or as a community of interest site. It is highly scalable and can be used for public Web sites, secure environments, and private intra/extranets.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2003 mod_sphinx

Pop 24.33
Vit 1.00

mod_sphinx is an Apache module which intercepts output bound for the client, whether it be from files served by the same Web server, files sent via reverse proxying, or files delivered by transparent forward proxying (outbound proxying, as in your browser's proxy setting). It opens the text and replaces a word with another word or phrase. When in regular proxy mode, it cannot modify SSL content since Apache cannot decrypt that (it would be a protocol violation).

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2003 OWX

Pop 54.66
Vit 1.82

OWX (OmniaWeb-X) is Web-based site mangement software and a development framework that uses exclusively open source software to run.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2003 HTML::Tagreader

Pop 15.36
Vit 2.36

HTML::TagReader is a Perl module which allows you to read HTML/XML files by tag. Its package contains some application programs which are very useful for Webmasters. They all start with the prefix "tr_" to make it easy to remember their names. tr_blck is a utility to check for broken links in Web pages. tr_llnk is a utility to build tar archives. tr_xlnk can process HTML files and expand links on directories. tr_mvlnk modifies links in HTML files with Perl commands. tr_staticssi expands the SSI directives #include virtual and #exec cmd. tr_tagcontentgrep greps for a tag (e.g., "img src"). tr_imgaddsize adds "width" and "height" to "img src=...".


Project Spotlight


A GUI toolkit for Linux and Android.


Project Spotlight


A command scheduler for non-permanently-running systems.