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No download Website Updated 16 Feb 2012 RabbIT

Pop 201.11
Vit 24.56

RabbIt is a mutating, caching Web proxy used to speed up surfing over slow links like modems. It does this by removing advertising and background images and scaling down images to low quality JPEGs. RabbIT is written in Java and should be able to run on any platform. It does depend upon an image converter if image scaling is on. The recommended image converter is "convert" from the ImageMagick package.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Web Tree Scanner

Pop 19.65
Vit 1.00

Web Tree Scanner (WTS) is a program to visualize the tree of a WWW server and check the links. It was designed as part of a software project in 1997/1998 and uses the Xclasses X11 layout library. The scanned results may be browsed in the GUI or printed in Postscript.

No download Website Updated 10 Feb 2001 LogiMonitor

Pop 11.87
Vit 69.68

LogiMonitor plays back tests recorded with LogiTest at specified intervals.

Download Website Updated 20 Mar 2003 phpLinks

Pop 116.60
Vit 3.60

phpLinks is a free PHP script which allows you to run a very powerful link farm or search engine simulation. Features include full search capabilities, recursive multilevel site categorization, full referrer tracking, site reviews, site ratings, link validation, related categories, category searching, and search term tracking.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2005 Server-side FileManager

Pop 88.36
Vit 3.70

Server-side FileManager is a Java servlet which implements FileManager. You can use this servlet for remote site management: upload/download files, copy/move files, edit files, etc. Its main advantage is that it uses only the HTTP protocol for access to your host, which allows it to work through most firewalls.

Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2001 phpLinkValidator

Pop 17.06
Vit 1.00

phpLinkValidator will validate links in the HTML document you specify and optionally also all related files. It is very easy to use.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2004 KorWeblog

Pop 81.50
Vit 4.44

KorWeblog is highly customizable PHP/SQL Weblog/Content Management System initially based on phpweblog. Many features have been added, such as a FAQ, download, threaded comments, user-selectable site theme, user preferences, multi-login user support, story program, HTTP referer, browser/OS, and access counter in the stats page, anti-spam function, an IP blocking function, and more.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2004 HITWEB

Pop 36.86
Vit 2.58

HITWEB is a Web site which provides people with a collection of thoroughly ranked Internet sites. Unlike a Web search engine, HITWEB requires human intervention to build its collection of links. HITWEB uses PHP, PHPLib (for templates), and MySQL.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2001 Flinch

Pop 28.84
Vit 2.04

Flinch is a powerful and flexible Web link checker that will make your life as a Web designer or Web server admin easier. It can be used to check all the external links on your Web pages periodically and produce HTML reports of its findings. If a Web resource at the end of a link has not been reachable for a few days, Flinch can send you an email.

Download Website Updated 07 Jan 2002 Televideo RAI Ultim'ora Retriever

Pop 15.56
Vit 1.75

tvdrai retrieves all the newsfeeds from Italian RAI TV teletext (televideo) to your local disk, from their Web-based teletext version. It supports retrieval of unread old news. It is written in Perl, and it only requires Lynx and an Internet connection.


Project Spotlight


A GUI toolkit for Linux and Android.


Project Spotlight


A command scheduler for non-permanently-running systems.