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Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2014 Verbiste

Pop 341.39
Vit 122.54

Verbiste is a French conjugation system implemented as a C++ library, a GNOME applet, and two command-line tools. It can conjugate verbs and analyze conjugated verbs to determine their mode, tense, and person. The knowledge base contains over 6700 verbs.

No download Website Updated 23 Feb 2000 Mueller English-Russian Dictionary Kit

Pop 29.70
Vit 71.89

This is the first respectable English-Russian Dictionary with transcription (IPA) under GNU GPL. The dictionary has 46233 word articles and is 5.5MB. "MOVA" is a set of Bash and Tcl/TK scripts for dictionary management under UNIX.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2001 SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program

Pop 59.85
Vit 69.08

SyNTeX is a LaTeX preprocessor that draws syntactic trees using the LaTeX picture environment. The preprocessor reads the comments in a LaTeX file and draws the tree based on commands that it finds in the comments.

No download Website Updated 06 Sep 2002 XMLmind Spell Checker

Pop 14.21
Vit 65.13

XMLmind Spell Checker (XSC) is a 100% Java spell checker engine which combines excellent performance and very attractive pricing. It is available in two editions: a general SDK designed for integrating a spell checker in any Java application, which includes a JFC Swing user interface (with source code), and a client-server edition intended for adding a spell-checking facility in HTML pages. The client-server edition uses only a very lightweight Javascript client, and Java Server Pages on the server side. Both editions include English, German, and French dictionaries. A Spanish dictionary is in preparation.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2003 lacy

Pop 31.34
Vit 63.72

lacy is a conversion tool that changes Latin letters to Cyrillic.

No download Website Updated 02 Sep 2004 Babel

Pop 16.97
Vit 59.29

Babel is a linguistics tool that uses dynamic data structuring of words and context spaces. Models can be mixed and references added to created terms. It includes the markov, ngram, and ispell tools.

No download Website Updated 21 Sep 2004 Atlantida

Pop 12.96
Vit 59.12

Atlantida is a multilingual cross-platform dictionary. Currently it has 310,000 definitions, and knows how to pronounce 21,000 English words.

No download Website Updated 27 Jul 2005 NL Stego

Pop 18.76
Vit 56.45

NL Stego is a system for text generation and text-based steganography. It combines Markov Models of several orders to generate random text resembling a given training text (or text corpus). It can also embed secret messages into pseudo-random generated text.

No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2005 French Verb Conjugation Rules

Pop 15.97
Vit 56.23

French Verb Conjugation Rules establishes a concise and accurate set of computer readable French verb conjugation rules. The rules have been placed in an xbase database for easy access. The project is oriented towards language students, developers of computer assisted language learning software, and computational linguists.

No download Website Updated 17 Sep 2005 Sikher

Pop 13.53
Vit 55.99

Sikher is a desktop program designed to archive, search, and display the Sikh scriptures using advanced functions. It allows the common person to understand and read the messages contained in the Sikh scriptures through translations and transliterations in different languages, thereby breaking the language and geographical barrier between Gurbani (Sikh Scriptures) and the world. Sikher is a robust, future proof, and cross-platform application which may be used by developers to create similar internationalized and localized search applications.


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A network IDS and IPS engine.


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A Web-based hotel and rental property management system.