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Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2014 CyaSSL

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The CyaSSL embedded SSL library is a lightweight SSL library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded and RTOS environments, primarily because of its small size, speed, and feature set. It is commonly used in standard operating environments and cloud services as well because of its royalty-free pricing and excellent cross platform support. CyaSSL supports industry standards up to the current TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2 levels, is up to 20 times smaller than OpenSSL, and offers progressive ciphers such as HC-128, RABBIT, and NTRU.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2013 GTK+

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GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 1999 WAILI.xl: Wavelets with Integer Lifting (XL)

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WAILI.xl is a version of WAILI with Extensions for Very Large Images. Very large images are divided in blocks, which do not necessarily have to be present in the computer system's main memory. WAILI.xl is based on WAILI and provides most of the operations implemented in WAILI.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 1999 ADFlib

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Adflib is a free, portable, open and documented implementation of the Amiga filesystem. ADFlib and the related documentation ADF FAQ allow you to easily access media formatted with the Amiga filesystem from your application. This C library is delivered with a little utility like unZip, but for ADF dump files created with UAE, the amiga emulator. The ADF FAQ explains in details the Amiga filesystem.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2011 PyPAM

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Python bindings for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules).

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Hood

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Hood is a C++ user-level threads library for multiprogrammed, shared-memory multiprocessors. Hood is designed primarily for parallel programs, and it is especially effective for dynamic, highly asynchronous parallelism. Hood's thread scheduler is a non-blocking implementation of the work-stealing algorithm that has been shown to be efficient both in theory and in practice. The current version fully supports Solaris (SPARC) and partially supports Linux: due to the Linux implementation of pthreads, many library calls are not safe for use within Hood threads (this problem does not exist under Solaris).

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 1999 giot

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Vit 72.88

giot is a freely distributable extension to Tcl implementing a generic transformation channel, to be configured with Tcl scripts implementing the real behaviour.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 1999 GuileGL

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Vit 72.50

GuileGL allows you to access OpenGL functions from Guile, the Scheme language interpreter.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 1999 libmidixx

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libmidixx is a C++ library to manipulate MIDI sequences. It is intended for a multimedia application that handles playback, recording, and editing of MIDI sequences, though the current version just implements playback only. libmidixx supports OSS, ALSA, and serial (tty) MIDI ports, and also comes with a user-space sequencer implementation, which does a fair job on a lightly-loaded machine.

Download No website Updated 14 Jan 2000 XML Master

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The XMas application is used to design both visual and non-visual beans to work with a particular XML document (e.g., select the XML elements that your application needs to work with and use the tool to design the layout for an editor to work with those elements). When the design is complete, use the XMas application option to generate code. XMas creates the necessary Java code for the beans and places them in a jar file in the location specified.


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An easy to use, but still quite capable firewall for Netfilter/iptables.


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ISO Master

A graphical editor for ISO images.