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Download Website Updated 26 May 2011 OBD GPS Logger

Pop 134.30
Vit 5.13

OBD GPS Logger logs OBDII and GPS data. It can then take that logged data and write useful output formats. Interesting information logged and exported includes how fast you're going, how fast the engine's going, the air flow into the engine, and the throttle position.

No download Website Updated 10 Jan 2013 O2OO

Pop 65.79
Vit 2.32

O2OO reads sensor data from a car into a sqlite database and generates graphs of the data so you can analyze the behavior of the car. It can also retrieve the location from a GPS module and store it in the same database, then can create a Google Maps KML-file, coloring the route line with a color depending on a sensor reading.

No download No website Updated 19 Mar 2009 geoCtool

Pop 14.46
Vit 1.00

geoCtools manipulates geo-data in CSV or KML files. It generates KML files for Google map/earth. Polygons can be merged, locations (icons) added with user data in the balloons, and selected via FIPS code. It uses libxml2. It is command-line driven. It contains data for US states down to the county level. It has optional data for PC(USA) denomination.


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TAO Translator

An online translator with some advanced features.


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A cluster operating system.