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No download No website Updated 05 Aug 2013 KEDR Framework

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KEDR is a framework to facilitate dynamic analysis of kernel modules in Linux ("KEDR" is an acronym for "KErnel-mode Drivers in Runtime"). KEDR allows you to intercept the calls that a kernel module makes to the functions exported by other modules and by the kernel proper. The tools provided by the framework can record the arguments and return values of these functions to a trace, perform fault simulation according to user-defined scenarios, and check the kernel modules for memory leaks and some other kinds of problems. Custom data collection and analysis tools for the Linux kernel can also be built on top of KEDR framework.

No download Website Updated 13 Jul 2011 otonat

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otonat is a 1:1 NAT implementation for FreeBSD. Unlike other solutions that keep state for individual user connections even for 1:1 NAT, otonat is completely stateless as far as user connections are concerned. This allows it to scale much better and provide protection against misbehaving clients that may consume a lot of server memory by opening too many connections.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2013 Python-uinput

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Python-uinput is Python interface to the Linux uinput kernel module. It allows you to attach userspace device drivers to the kernel. In practice, this makes it very simple to create virtual joysticks, keyboards, and mice for generating arbitrary input events programmatically.


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A Debian GNU/Linux and Apache Solr-based live system.


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A digital e-portfolio builder and social networking application.