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No download Website Updated 06 May 2012 Wolf Software jpecr.js

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Vit 27.79

Wolf Software jpecr.js is a jQuery plugin which deals with the cookie law of 26 May 2011. It is an easy-to-use consent solution with a great user interface.

No download Website Updated 28 Apr 2012 KeyBoards

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Vit 27.95

KeyBoards is a cross-operating system platform that synchronizes short text messages or URLs. It is designed to be used for composing messages on a desktop system with a real, comfortable keyboard, and then sending them to a mobile device for transmission as an SMS. It is ideal for use with non-Latin character sets.

No download Website Updated 28 Apr 2012 Prails

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Prails is a PHP framework that is optimized for fast and efficient Web development. It is designed to change the way you write PHP, and is so easy that it's actually fun.

No download Website Updated 26 Apr 2012 Wolf Software jpecrpw

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Vit 27.98

Wolf Software jpecrpw is a jQuery plugin which helps Web sites use Piwik Analytics while complying with the amendment to the U.K. Privacy and Electronic Communications Act (PECR) of the 26th of May 2011. It provides an unobtrusive method of gaining user consent before using Piwik Analytics, which requires cookies. The code requests consent from the user. If the user gives consent, the plugin will inject the Piwik Analytics code into the page. If consent is not explicitly given, no code is injected. The user also has the option to store these preferences permanently. This plugin is designed to satisfy the EPD/PECR/cookie law regulations only for Piwik Analytics.

No download Website Updated 14 May 2012 Wolf Software jConsent

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Vit 1.76

Wolf Software jConsent is a jQuery plugin which deals with the cookie law of 26 May 2011. It provides an unobtrusive method of gaining user consent before using non-essential cookies.

Download No website Updated 16 Apr 2012 chaos

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Vit 28.16

chaos is a Web-based content sharing app where you can upload and create text, pictures, videos, RSS, etc. in anonymous, public, or private zones called chaos. It is built on a very simple and typical PHP+MySQL platform.

Download No website Updated 15 Apr 2012 Larrys Form Generation

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Vit 28.16

Larrys Form Generation creates HTML forms using jQuery for validation. It can generate HTML for different types of form elements, including inputs, labels, and form start and end sections. The generated HTML includes JavaScript which can validate the form inputs either when the inputs are changed or when the form is submitted. The validation can be done according to certain rules, and it uses the jQuery JavaScript library and a JavaScript class provided separately.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2012 Open Service Manager

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Open Service Manager lets you can manage clients, contacts, services, and professionals, and their respective skills. It was created for companies which deal with freelancers working for their clients.

No download Website Updated 30 Mar 2012 SpurTracer

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Vit 1.00

SpurTracer is a push-notification based monitoring solution for heterogenous loosely coupled IT infrastructures. It complements a service-endpoint monitoring solution like Nagios with a component-level interface auto-discovery. It automatically provides a certain level of functional tracing along with many non-functional measurements (e.g. call, error and timeout rates, interface latency, component execution, etc.). While being zero config itself, SpurTracer relies on you adding push notification support to the components you want to monitor. The best way to use SpurTracer is by adding punctual tracing to components in your infrastructure on-demand.

No download Website Updated 14 Mar 2012 Pyrostia

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Vit 28.73

Pyrostia is a weekly menu planner. It allows adding meals and recipes in a weekly calendar and automatically parses ingredients for storing in a weekly grocery list.


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A rule language.


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jclasslib bytecode viewer

A Java bytecode viewer and class modification library.