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No download Website Updated 04 Aug 2006 JSPTabControl

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JSPTabControl is taglib for managing tabs in your JSP. It uses the "pure CSS tabs" technique (using "li" and "ul"). Tab control (body and header) and tab pages (body and header) can be easily customized with CSS. Titles of tab header pages can be localized using Struts ApplicationResources or Resource Bundle file properties. It supports the execution of JavaScript functions on switch events.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2014 Mahara

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Mahara is a fully featured electronic portfolio, blog, resume builder, and social networking system for connecting users and creating online communities. It integrates with Moodle and many online services.

No download Website Updated 17 Sep 2006 RApid Content Management System

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RACMS stands for RApid Content Management System. It aims to be a complete content management system made only with AJAX, with almost no server side programming. It currently relies on one single PHP script for encoding only.

No download Website Updated 01 Oct 2006 Modify Headers

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Modify Headers is a tool to add, modify, and filter HTTP request headers. You can modify the user agent string, add headers to spoof a mobile request (e.g. x-up-calling-line-id), and much more.

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2006 Image File Browser

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Vit 52.72

Image File Browser is a class that can be used to let the user browse and pick images stored in the server. It uses an AJAX based user interface to avoid page reloading when the browsing display is updated. It requires prototype.js and the scriptaculous library (scriptaculous.js, unittest.js, effects.js).

No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2006 jsTest

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jsTest is a unit testing tool for JavaScript, following the pattern of JUnit. It is a Java command line program that runs on platforms with a Java VM (1.4 or later). It supports the features of JavaScript 1.5 as specified in the ECMA-262 standard.

No download Website Updated 27 Nov 2006 jsTest Eclipse

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Vit 52.53

jsTest is a plugin for Eclipse that performs continuous unit testing in the background as you edit Javascript source code. It is built on the Mozilla Rhino Javascript interpreter, and understands Javascript 1.5 as specified by the ECMA-262 standard.

No download Website Updated 03 Feb 2007 COAddOns

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COAddOns is a collection of add-ons for Mambo and Joomla. It includes MosCom, MosComLatestX, MosQ, MosModule, MosCmenuTree, MosDashBoard4SB, and MosNewsWriter.

No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2007 jsongateway

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Vit 51.86

JsonGateway is an AJAX RPC service delegate for Java backend service with the JSON data format. It can call the Spring service. It can generate your service.js wrapper automatically, which makes your AJAX RPC call easy. It uses jQuery, and uses jsontools as its data converter.

    No download Website Updated 04 Mar 2007 Firekeeper

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    Firekeeper is an intrusion detection and prevention system for Firefox. It is able to detect, block and warn the user about malicious sites. Firekeeper uses flexible rules similar to Snort ones to describe browser-based attack attempts. Rules can also be used to effectively filter different kinds of unwanted content.


    Project Spotlight


    A framework for rapid development of AJAX Java Enterprise applications.


    Project Spotlight


    Provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) conforming to the ARINC 661 standard.