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Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2004 Scientific Searcher

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The Scientific Searcher is a project that tries to contribute to solve the problem originated by the privatization phenomenon that scientific research is suffering and the fragmentation that this generates.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2009 jsgal

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jsgal is a dynamic Web-based gallery. However, rather than generating the gallery pages on a server using scripts, it is implemented in Javascript and DHTML and generates the pages in the client's browser. No offline generation of the Web pages is required; only a list of images has to be maintained, which allows easy updating and extending of galleries. This allows you to host dynamic galleries on servers without scripting support, or on local filesystems (e.g. CD-ROMs).

No download Website Updated 15 Mar 2005 phpForms

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PhpForms is an advanced Web form builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text boxes, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms, quizzes and tests, feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, email notifications, evaluation forms, order forms, and more.

Download No website Updated 01 Nov 2004 AntFlow

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AntFlow builds upon Apache Ant to provide a new approach to simplifying system automation that uses pipelines of hot folders chained together to perform a given task. Using XML, it associates an automated task such as data transfer, encryption, or XML processing with a directory on the local system. Whenever a file is copied or written into the hot folder, the associated task is executed and the file is moved to the next hot folder in the pipeline for further processing.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2012 SimpleDoc

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SimpleDoc is a Web-based document management system. The interface is simple and intuitive, there is a tree structure for management and content editing is done without needing to reload the browser. No database is required.

Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2004 Shadows Rising RPG

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Shadows Rising is an RPG game engine. The engine is aimed at enabling users to install a number of game modules which will use the engine to present an RP game to players on the user's site.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2006 PersonalBackup

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Personalbackup is a network-wide backup system for backing up Windows machines and Samba shares. There is no need at all to install software on the client machines to be able to back it up. A complete Web interface is provided for the users, as well as for the backup administrators.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2007 Thunderbird Extension for Sender Verification

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The Thunderbird Extension for Sender Verification validates the From: address of incoming email messages by using the Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys. The result of the verification is displayed at the top of every message.

No download Website Updated 29 Nov 2004 Add N Edit Cookies

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Add N Edit Cookies is a Firefox/Mozilla browser extension that allows for the creaton and editing of "session" and "saved" cookies. This is very useful for Web developers.

No download Website Updated 12 Aug 2005 IDE for Laszlo

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IDE for Laszlo is an Eclipse-based development environment for creating, editing, debugging, and testing applications based on the Laszlo Platform. The Laszlo Platform is a platform for the development and delivery of Internet applications where the LZX XML mark-up is used to create the user interfaces. LZX is an XML and JavaScript description language similar in spirit to XUL (XML User interface Language) and XAML (the "Longhorn" mark-up language by Microsoft). A video demo is available.


Project Spotlight


A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


Project Spotlight


A framework for creating games based on Settlers.