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No download Website Updated 30 May 2005 multiXPandMenu

Pop 11.53
Vit 57.49

multiXPandMenu is a PHP class which can create multi-level hierarchical menus based on a list of menu items and submenu items using DHTML. The items organized in the generated menu can be expanded and collapsed dynamically using Javascript, that is when the user clicks on a menu item, all corresponding submenu items are shown, or hidden if already visible.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2005 quickSub

Pop 34.96
Vit 2.65

quickSub is a Javascript function that adds intelligence to the RSS/Atom/XML feed button on a Web page by offering subscription links to the most popular aggregators and newsreaders.

Download Website Updated 27 May 2005 SkFind

Pop 22.52
Vit 1.42

SkFind is a set of portable and scriptable tools that help developers build software for both publishers and end users such as search engines. It provides a simple data layout that is used to build more complex layouts. The low-level, extensible tools allow read-only access to files, Oracle databases, or other data sources. There are also high-level tools to handle word lookups, case and/or accent simplifications, full-text searches with boolean operators and exact expressions, document highlighting, file-system compression, and more.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2005 MAlbumScript

Pop 11.14
Vit 1.00

MAlbumScript is a piece of Javascript that extends Picasa's Web album generation capabilities by reading its XML output and telling a Web browser how to render the album.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2005 Nennius

Pop 17.32
Vit 1.00

Nennius is an object-oriented application engine. Although initially intended to be a time and expense tracking tool, it has since been improved upon to support a wide array of data types and relationships. It offers the ability to run multiple, concurrent Web applications from a single Nennius engine. Each Web application is fully customizable and can easily be modified to fit almost any existing business model.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2005 dhtmlxToolbar

Pop 18.44
Vit 57.58

dhtmlxToolbar is a completely customizable JavaScript toolbar. It allows a Web developer to create an attractive vertical or horizontal DHTML toolbar within minutes. dhtmlxToolbar can load its content from XML, so it can be easily changed without reloading. It features cross-browser and multiplatform compatibility, a powerful client-side API, and icons which can be customized (with JavaScript or XML). dhtmlxToolbar supports several button types (image, image with text, select box).

Download Website Updated 15 May 2005 Content management module for PHProjekt

Pop 111.71
Vit 3.21

This module let users manage content pages for PHProjekt. It uses a directory-based model and role-based security. Features include file upload capabilities, a comment system, a search facility, and simple statistics generation.

Download Website Updated 11 May 2005 RomaKana

Pop 14.59
Vit 1.73

RomaKana is a Javascript Romaji->Kana conversion engine. Its purpose is to enable you to write short Hiragana and Katakana words or sentences even when the computer you are using is not configured for Japanese input.

Download Website Updated 11 May 2005 XAB Toolkit

Pop 45.13
Vit 2.01

The XAB Toolkit is an application to build database applications with a rich user interface around Ajax in Mozilla. It will automate the building of most or all of an application producing PHP and Javascript code which can be installed on a server.

No download Website Updated 09 May 2005 mailto.php

Pop 89.53
Vit 2.85

Mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from the clutches of address harvesters. It's a PHP library containing functions that generate JavaScript which produce mailto: links, but keep the email addresses obfuscated so they can't be picked up by email address harvesters.


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