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Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2006 swIMP

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swIMP (SWIG-based Interfaces for Mathematical Programming) aims to make solvers written in C or C++ available under other languages. The current focus is on Java as the target language and on LP/IP-solvers which are compatible with the Open Solver Interface (OSI) from the Coin-OR-project. The wrappers are implemented using the generator tool SWIG. swIMP has been started as a subproject of Combean (also hosted at SourceForge).

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2009 symulator parkowania

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Symulator parkowania is a game in which you drive a car and have to park on a green field.

No download Website Updated 04 Jun 2003 sysXs

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sysXs is a control panel solution for enterprise use. It automates administration, accounting, and billing of Internet services using a Web-based interface suitable for any browser. It can be used on a wide variety of platforms. By implementing a flexible user management that includes customer self care functionality, it's not restricted to the classic vendor/reseller/customer scheme.

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2006 tRSS

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tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headlines from a number of news sites and have individual databases and feeds. It is readable by users and can be parsed by an XML parser. Users can reduce the duration of connection by separate online and offline parts.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2010 tXtFL

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tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. Teams can be created from real stats on the Web, built through custom designed plays, and then used to predict scores and games through automated or manual simulations.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2010 table2gridbag

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Table2gridbag is a tool for configuring java.awt.GridBagLayout. Java's AWT GridBagLayout is a very versatile layout manager. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to configure. Table2gridbag allows you to specify a GUI layout by means of an HTML table (with the component names in the table cells) and then transforms this specification into equivalent Java code.

    No download No website Updated 27 Aug 2010 tadedon

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    tadedon is a set of utilities that form a foundation for applications written with one of the many Java frameworks, such as GWT, GIN, Guice, Google App Engine, commons-configuration, and many others. It lets you specify the default configuration of your application and upgrade it automatically on each new release. It can redirect all java.util.logging to slf4j and easily configure logback. It can bind application configuration in a Guice module. It supports @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations (JSR 250) in Guice applications. It lets you annotate your methods with @Transactional annotation. It supports Guice injector stage in your Web application. It lets you test your Guice managed servlets and filters without needing a real servlet container. It lets you use Guice Matchers for matching super class, interface, and type literal annotations. It can inject event bus to your GWT applications with the help of GIN.

    No download No website Updated 23 Nov 2012 tagAR

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    tagAR is an augmented reality tagging application developed for the Android operating system It allows you to tag locations in real time, and see tags posted by other users. It app encourages social networking between users from all walks of life, who can tag their favorite locations and post comments about the location. Anyone near that tag can see it on their mobile device.

    Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2001 tclib: Java Typed Collections

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    tclib is a library/framework for type-specific collections in Java. It provides basic implementations for several common varieties of collections, including growable arrays, stacks, queues, hash maps, and hash sets. Both primitive and object element types are supported. Some specific typed variants are supplied for each collection flavor, and instructions are included for easily deriving other typed variants based on the code provided.

    Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2005 tdbeditor Eclipse plugin

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    tdbeditor is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE which provides syntax highlighting and code completion for the tdbengine scripting language. It requires Eclipse 3.0+ and the tdbengine.


    Project Spotlight


    A C library for closures, higher-order programming, and dynamic typing.


    Project Spotlight

    Tuxera NTFS for Mac

    A driver for reading and writing to NTFS volumes from a Mac computer.