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Download Website Updated 26 Mar 2001 Cryptix SASL

Pop 38.91
Vit 1.49

The Cryptix SASL Library is an implementation of the Java SASL bindings and a number of SASL mechanisms.

No download Website Updated 26 Oct 2001 MinML-RPC

Pop 17.61
Vit 2.10

MinML-RPC is an implementation of XML-RPC server written in Java. It was designed to be used in embedded systems where storage space is at a premium. The code is quite compact, and it was also designed to minimize the heap space used by the program when executing a procedure call. The distribution includes the parser, the XML-RPC server implementation, and a small, high-performance HTTP 1.1 server.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2003 Remote Tea

Pop 57.24
Vit 5.22

Remote Tea is a pure Java implementation of Sun's ONC/RPC protocol. Complete client and server functionality is available, as is client access to the portmapper. The package contains an rpcgen-like precompiler for converting .x files into Java classes. Also included is a Java-based portmapper.

No download Website Updated 30 Aug 2004 QuickServer

Pop 27.57
Vit 1.49

QuickServer is a free, open source Java library for robust and quick creation of multi-threaded, multi-client TCP server applications. With QuickServer you can concentrate on just the application logic/protocol at hand.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2009 Mibble

Pop 73.21
Vit 4.86

Mibble is an SNMP (Simple Network Managment Protocol) MIB (Manageable Information Base) parser library for Java. The library can be used to read SNMP MIB files as well as simple ASN.1 files. The library also contains classes for simple handling of the information contained in the MIB file, such as OID:s and types.

Download Website Updated 24 Oct 2003 The JavaBluetooth Stack

Pop 26.32
Vit 1.00

The JavaBluetooth Stack is a 100% Java implementation of the Bluetooth specifications version 1.1. It uses the javax.comm package to address the Bluetooth chip, and implements the JSR-82 (javax.bluetooth) API. It currently supports HCI, L2CAP, and SDP. Support for RFCOMM, TCS, and SCO is planned, as well as implementations of specific Bluetooth profiles such as the Handsfree-Profile and the Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profiles. Deployment on the TINI Embedded Java platform is possible.

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2005 Secure iNet Factory

Pop 23.56
Vit 1.11

Secure iNet Factory is a suite of Java components for developing secure network capable applications. It includes secure SSH (Secure Shell) wrapper classes for major network protocols including FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, Telnet, and more.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2005 JavaThrottle

Pop 39.04
Vit 2.61

JavaThrottle is a pipe bandwidth limiter with a GUI to change the throttle on the fly.

No download Website Updated 24 Aug 2006 J2SSH Maverick

Pop 41.33
Vit 2.02

Maverick is a professional-level Java SSH API that is based upon the popular open source J2SSH library. It features support for both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols and compilation under JDK versions 1.1+, including the latest J2ME Java Mobile Platform. It also provides a range of performance enhancements with no dependencies, a single-threaded architecture, and improved file transfer rates.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2005 DIET Agents

Pop 40.99
Vit 2.83

DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform in Java. A bottom-up design is used to ensure that the platform is lightweight, scalable, robust, adaptive, and extensible. It is especially suitable for rapidly developing peer-to-peer prototype applications and/or adaptive, distributed applications that use bottom-up, nature-inspired techniques.


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A flexible utility and Python module for converting CSV files into HTML tables.


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TAO Translator

An online translator with some advanced features.