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No download Website Updated 28 Jul 2008 ISOAPUI8583

Pop 29.26
Vit 1.00

ISOAPUI8583 is an extension to Eviware's SOAPui that makes it possible to test banking applications that use the ISO8583 protocol or some version of that. The tool is capable testing server or client applications and can be used for functional as well as for load tests.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2008 DBReplicator

Pop 37.32
Vit 1.07

DBReplicator is a powerful application for network-based multi-master heterogeneous database replication or filtered synchronization. It supports heterogeneous replication, bi-directional data synchronization between any of the supported database backends, application independence, automatic conflict detection and resolution, a scheduling facility, verbose debugging using Apache log4j, special characters, and automatic table creation.

No download Website Updated 23 Mar 2007 plausj bank_german

Pop 9.90
Vit 1.00

plausj bank_german is a Java library that provides components for performing high-quality check digit calculation for German bank accounts.

No download Website Updated 06 Jan 2007 MoneyJar

Pop 14.97
Vit 51.56

MoneyJar is a Java library to help with implementations for demanding financial applications. This library simplifies money management, rounding, currency conversion, tax calculation (tax-on-tax, multiple tax), and invoice management. It is highly configurable.

No download Website Updated 20 Dec 2006 AutoAbacus

Pop 15.10
Vit 1.00

AutoAbacus is a powerful equation solving library that finds solutions to equation sets. Equations are passed to AutoAbacus as text, and the program attempts to find a solution that satisfies all constraints. The equations can be linear or polynomial, and can include arbitrary functions. By profiling the types of equations in the system and their dependencies on each other, AutoAbacus uses appropriate solution methods to solve individual subsets of equations. Applications range from use in a business rules engine to solving engineering equation systems.

No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2006 JColorGrid

Pop 26.83
Vit 1.75

JColorGrid is an application for graphical data exploration and the rendering of colorgrids, a generalization of the popular heat-map representation. The software exists as a command-line application, a graphical viewer, and an API for development.

Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2009 jDTAUS

Pop 21.91
Vit 4.47

jDTAUS is a Java implementation of the German DTAUS file format. It implements the DTAUS specification version 2.3 (dated September 2008). The API was written with mass-data support in mind and provides all possible kinds of operations on a DTAUS file. Performance or memory critical sections of the code can be hand-tuned via a property file without rebuilding the code. The API is based on an abstraction layer for I/O operations, so implementations can be adopted to other persistence mechanisms.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2010 jFin

Pop 48.50
Vit 4.83

jFin is a pure Java implementation of financial date arithmetic. It includes date adjustments, schedule generation, offsets, and day count calculations. It supports FBA Actual/Actual, Actual/360, Actual/365 Fixed, Business/252, European 30/360, ISDA Actual/Actual, ISMA Actual/Actual, Italian 30/360, and US 30/360. It is designed to be trivial to integrate with legacy holiday calendar providers and day count calculators.

No download Website Updated 23 Feb 2006 Ricebridge XML Manager

Pop 30.00
Vit 1.42

Ricebridge XML Manager allows you to read and write very large XML files at high speed from within your Java application. You can use XPath to grab exactly the data you want without loading the entire XML file into memory.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2008 jGnucashLib

Pop 37.07
Vit 2.82

jGnucashLib is an editor and Java library for automating accounting tasks and manipulating the GnuCash file format. It supports plugins and scripting for your financial data handling.


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