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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ToolBot

Pop 20.10
Vit 2.00

ToolBot is an easy to use IRC bot which provides various services for IRC channels. ToolBot does not try to compete with infobots or eggdrop-like bots. Rather, ToolBot strives to provide the features that other bots lack.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2007 UltimateIRCd

Pop 62.12
Vit 7.62

UltimateIRCd is an advanced IRCd hybrid aiming to improve the IRC experience for both users and admins alike. It has extended channel access levels (channel administrators and half operators), and user hiddenhosts.

Download Website Updated 25 Nov 2013 UnrealIRCd

Pop 188.67
Vit 28.66

UnrealIRCd is an IRC daemon whose key features include full SSL support, Trojan protection, a spam filter, advanced flood protection, and WebTV compatibility. It is a highly stable and feature-packed IRC server daemon.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Weedy Bot

Pop 9.22
Vit 71.60

Weedy Bot is a Scheme IRC bot running with Guile. It has support for users, channels, rights, bans, password/ID, different ports to listen on, and easy scripting.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2010 X-Chat

Pop 322.53
Vit 20.45

X-Chat is a fully-featured graphical IRC client using the GTK toolkit. Optionally it can be compiled to use GNOME and Perl scripting.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 X2

Pop 36.86
Vit 2.35

X2 provides channel services to a Universal ircd based IRC network. It manages GLINES, can provide server ops, and offers registered channels with full multi-level userlists and individualized settings. X2 can serve as an OperServ and ChanServ.

Download No website Updated 04 Jul 2001 xIrc

Pop 16.85
Vit 3.53

xIrc is a QT based IRC client featuring individual windows for each conversation, channel member lists, full DCC chat capability, DCC file get and send capability, a subset of the standard IrcII commands, many with simplified interfaces, automatic ban mask generation for easy and reliable banning, notification lists, ignore lists, mIrc colors, optional CTCP2 protocol (except fonts), and full documentaion in ASCII and PostScript.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2001 Zircon

Pop 12.12
Vit 4.29

Zircon is a feature rich IRC client written in the tcl/tk programming language. It provides an easy to use GUI for IRC and is highly configurable. Zircon will run on any system that has a tcl/tk interpeter (i.e. MacOS and Windows as well as UNIX)

Download No website Updated 01 May 2001 Awesome Christians User Page

Pop 27.86
Vit 2.02

The Awesome Christians User Page is set of PHP scripts that allow you to access IRC services such as nickserv, memoserv, chanserv, and statserv through a Web interface. It is used by the Awesome Christians IRC network.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2001 IrssiProxy

Pop 13.04
Vit 1.00

IrssiProxy is an IRC proxy written in Java.


Project Spotlight


An HTTP server for sleepy applications and slow clients.


Project Spotlight

Embedthis MakeMe

A modern replacement for make and autoconf.