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Download No website Updated 21 Jul 2002 Mx3bot

Pop 16.06
Vit 1.43

Mx3bot is an IRC robot capable of connecting to multiple servers at once. It uses Tcl for scripting, and can use either MySQL or text databases.

Download No website Updated 24 May 2002 Espere

Pop 10.82
Vit 1.42

Espere is an IRC bot written in Java, designed to aid in downloading MP3 files through bots that use the "SpR Jukebox" mIRC script.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 PjBOT

Pop 12.25
Vit 1.73

PjBOT is a fun-oriented IRC bot. It lets you and your friends play trivial, making webpages from the results.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2012 Python IRC library

Pop 48.84
Vit 3.60

The Python IRC library is intended to encapsulate the IRC protocol at a quite low level. It provides an event-driven IRC client framework. It has a fairly thorough support for the basic IRC protocol, CTCP, and DCC connections.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2005 irssistats

Pop 27.60
Vit 2.79

irssistats generates HTML IRC stats based on irssi logs.

Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2003 EchelIRC

Pop 21.14
Vit 1.78

Echelirc is a IRC channel logging bot written in C that logs all IRC channel activity to a MySQL database. It is IPv6 aware and can connect to IPv6 IRC servers. It can run as a daemon and accepts keyboard input when in console mode, which makes it a rudimentary IRC client too.

No download Website Updated 05 Aug 2007 pastebot

Pop 28.46
Vit 2.97

Pastebot is an IRC bot that saves channels from large amounts of pasted material. Text is pasted into a Web form, and the bot (optionally) announces an URL where it can be read. Interested people can partake in the joy without the whole channel scrolling to hell.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2002 irofferTNG

Pop 10.68
Vit 1.00

irofferTNG is a new, more active branch of the iroffer development. Totally independant from iroffer, it is a more general-purpose bot. It uses loadable modules as plugins, with security and stability on mind. It has support for XDCC-style commands, very good performance serving multiple files through DCC, and a lot of cool features like DCC partyline, MySQL support, etc.

Download Website Updated 17 Nov 2002 irclog-xml

Pop 31.46
Vit 3.06

irclog-xml parses IRC logs, and converts those logs into XML and HTML. Currently supported formats include BitchX, mIRC, XChat, and Eggdrop (via Mel).

No download Website Updated 12 Apr 2007 PircBot

Pop 81.19
Vit 6.22

PircBot is a Java framework for writing IRC bots quickly and easily. Its features include an event-driven architecture to handle common IRC events, flood protection, DCC chat, file resuming, ident support, multiple servers, and more. Its comprehensive logfile format is suitable for use with pisg to generate channel statistics. Full documentation is included, and the Web site contains a 5-minute step-by-step guide to making your first IRC bot.


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An HTTP server for sleepy applications and slow clients.


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Embedthis MakeMe

A modern replacement for make and autoconf.