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Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2011 cpdetector

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cpdetector is a small yet clever framework for codepage detection that integrates different strategies. It may be used as a library for third party software that accesses textual data over network. It also includes a best-practice implementation in form of a command line tool that allows sorting and transforming large collections of documents based on their codepage. Available strategies include: jchardet (exclusion, frequency analysis, and guessing), detection of the HTML charset property, and detection of the XML encoding declaration.

Download No website Updated 24 Feb 2006 libmime

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libmime is a MIME parser in the same vein as Expat, the stream-oriented XML parser. As input is fed to the parser, events are generated which an application can catch by registering event handlers. Such events include the Unix From_ line, start of entity, end of entity, entity boundary, header, end of headers, and body. libmime supports MIME message editing through a delta mechanism. Edit contexts are instantiated and changes applied to specific contexts. Edit contexts can then be expressed in standard unified diff format which, when applied to the input source stream, will result in the new message.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2003 Envolution

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Envolution is a Content Management System which allows easy management and publication of information from a simple Web browser. In addition to managing content, it can be configured to allow Website visitors to submit articles, comment on previously submitted articles, participate in surveys or polls, and manage their own accounts with simple registration and account management tools.


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A flexible one time password authentication system with pluggable OTP algorithms and userstorages.


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A message transfer agent.