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Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2001 PicBook

Pop 39.90
Vit 1.49

PicBook automatically produces a photo album in HTML format of your scanned images or photographs. It come with automatic image processing, slideshow, transition effects, and other nifty features. It is easy to customise with its configuration file and HTML-templates. PicBook is a Bourne shell script and therefore should run on any Unix or Linux system. It requires the standard grep and awk commands, which should be available on most systems. Additionally, it needs the "convert" and "identify" commands from the ImageMagick package to handle images.

Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2002 Zaval File Search

Pop 25.61
Vit 1.78

The Zaval File Search solution is a local area network tool designed for fast file search on SMB shares and FTP servers. It supports lots of features like regular expression usage and search based on custom/predefinded extensions.

No download Website Updated 06 Jul 2002 mFTP-Index

Pop 30.17
Vit 1.00

mFTP-Index is a shell script which generates an HTML index from a directory. It can distinguish about 120 different filetypes, has an searchscript for CGI usage, and many other features.

Download No website Updated 28 Jan 2006 The Revisionist

Pop 42.97
Vit 1.56

The Revisionist is a tool for extracting and indexing hidden metadata (such as deleted or modified text) from large collections of MS Word files. It can operate whole Web sites or SMB or NFS directories. It is handy for pen-testing, or it can be used just to spot embarrassing secrets.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2005 POPsearch

Pop 70.89
Vit 4.93

POPsearch is a desktop search engine that is designed to help you easily find information on your computer. With features that other search engines don't have,it lets you index your entire collection of email messages and files. As information is indexed, it is immediately available for analysis from any Web browser. When POPsearch is configured correctly, you can also access your data remotely with RSS feeds, email feeds, or from any computer that has a Web browser.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 Lease Parser

Pop 26.06
Vit 59.69

Lease Parser saves lease states from an ISC DHCP server in a MySQL database, making it possible to tell which MAC address owned an IP at a particular time. If you need to track down a DHCP user for any reason, such as an abuse complaint for actions weeks beforehand, you can simply search the database via the Web form for the IP during the time in question. Then, search on the MAC address you obtained to see if the system is still on the network and what it's current IP is.

Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2005 trackSpiders.cgi

Pop 26.94
Vit 1.43

You can use trackSpiders.cgi to track spiders from major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN). This Bourne shell CGI script works on Apache Web servers. It outputs details of each spider visit plus a bar chart comparing the number of hits from each search engine spider.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 trackSearchHits.cgi

Pop 16.06
Vit 1.00

trackSearchHits.cgi examines the traffic your site is receiving from the major search engines by processing Apache Web server logs. It displays hits generated by clicks from Yahoo, MSN, and Google searches and displays a bar chart comparing the number of hits from each search engine.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2008 Plait

Pop 46.67
Vit 5.82

Plait (pronounced "play") is a command-line jukebox and music player front end. It understands brief, easy to type queries that pick a single song, mix queries that combine works from multiple artists, and stream queries that find Shoutcast radio streams. A variety of filters are available to pick just the music you want to hear. In order to actually play the music it finds, Plait automatically hands off a playlist to one of the supported music players, or creates a playlist that you can manually load.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2012 Altse Internet Search Engine

Pop 62.29
Vit 6.69

ALTSE is an alternative search engine technology. It can index up to a couple million Web pages. Altse does not aim to replace existing search engine technologies such as Google, Yahoo, and so on. Instead, it aims to provide an affordable alternative to index Web pages for small size businesses and organizations.


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Code Manager 2

A simple single site code management and package management system.


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A small SysV init replacement with process supervision.