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No download Website Updated 10 Aug 2003 BlueShoes

Pop 21.17
Vit 1.01

BlueShoes is a comprehensive Web application framework and content management system written in PHP. It is object oriented, and consists of 140 classes in 133k of well-documented code. It includes an automated testing environment (phpunit).

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2004 BlueWonder

Pop 52.82
Vit 1.74

BlueWonder is a framework for building all kinds of content management systems. It supports different types of databases and comes with an XML-based template engine. It is served with a workflow engine and role-based access control.

Download No website Updated 20 Feb 2004 GoldSeeker

Pop 22.09
Vit 1.00

GoldSeeker is a small formatted data extraction application. It can parse information from a text, HTML, or other file, and export it to a database.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2014 IMDBPHP

Pop 382.90
Vit 34.69

ImdbPHP provides an API to the movie information stored at the site. As this and the name suggests, it is primarily targeted at PHP programmers who want to extend their programs or their site with this movie information. The classes must be used in accordance with IMDb's copyright and conditions of use.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2008 MyHeadlines

Pop 129.52
Vit 6.66

MyHeadlines is module that adds syndicated headline functionality to any PHP and MySQL-based website. Your users may subscribe to multiple RSS feeds from a fully categorized database of over 1,000 sources. It was previously a PHPNuke/PostNuke Addon, but can now be integrated with any Web site.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2002 MySQL-XML

Pop 32.71
Vit 1.73

MySQL-XML is a set of PHP classes which combines the searching capabilities and robustness of SQL databases with the flexibility of XML through its simple to use API.

No download Website Updated 13 Aug 2007 PHP ZIP Code Locator

Pop 50.94
Vit 3.48

PHP ZIP Code Locator is a MySQL ZIP code database with a PHP locator. It integrates with existing location tables to provide locater functionality on any table that contains a 5-digit ZIP code column. There is no need to dump, reformat, and reload existing location data into a vendor-provided location table.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2003 PHPCrawl

Pop 24.49
Vit 1.00

PHPCrawl is a class for crawling/spidering Websites. It supports URL- and Content-Type-filtering, cookie- handling, limiter-options, and other features to specify the behaviour of the crawler. By overriding a special method of the class users can decide what should happen to the pages and their content, files and other information the crawler finds.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2012 Xapian and Omega

Pop 402.16
Vit 16.25

Xapian is a search engine library, scalable to collections containing hundreds of millions of documents. It's written in C++ with bindings for Perl, Python, PHP, Java, Tcl, C#, Ruby, and Lua. It is a highly adaptable toolkit that allows developers to easily add advanced indexing and search facilities to their own applications. It supports the Probabilistic Information Retrieval model and also a rich set of boolean query operators. Omega is a Web search application built upon the Xapian library. It can index a Web server's document tree (including HTML, PDF, OpenOffice, MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Works, WordPerfect, RTF, PS, etc.), or data exported from arbitrary sources (e.g. SQL databases).


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A simple lock manager.


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A LED matrix controller.