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Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2012 libCVD

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libCVD is a very portable and high performance C++ library for computer vision, image, and video processing. The emphasis is on providing simple and efficient image and video handling and high quality implementations of common low-level image processing function. The library is designed in a loosely-coupled manner, so that parts can be used easily in isolation if the whole library is not required. The video grabbing module provides a simple, uniform interface for videos from a variety of sources (live and recorded) and allows easy access to the raw pixel data. Likewise, the image loading/saving module provides simple, uniform interfaces for loading and saving images from bitmaps to 64 bit per channel RGBA images. The image processing routines can be applied easily to images and video, and accelerated versions exist for platforms supporting SSE.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2010 Image Cutout Component

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Applications that use images usually have requirements for the size of these images. To be able to use an image, users have to cut out the area they want and then resize it to the required size. This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for most users. With the Image Cutout Component, you can add functionality to crop and resize images to your application, so your users can focus on their task: selecting the area of interest. You tell the component what the desired size is, and the component makes sure the area the user selects has the correct aspect ratio. When the user indicates he has finished selecting the area, the component will crop and resize the image.

Download No website Updated 19 Jun 2010 tour2pics

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tour2pics generates nice plots from a Hac4linux .tour file.

Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2013 Thumbnailator

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Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library with a fluent interface for Java. It simplifies the process of producing thumbnails from existing image files and image objects by providing an API which allows for fine tuning of thumbnail generation, while keeping the amount of code that needs to be written to a minimum.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2011 Fiji

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Fiji is an image processing package. It can be described as a distribution of ImageJ together with Java, Java 3D, and a lot of plugins organized into a coherent menu structure. Fiji compares to ImageJ as Ubuntu compares to Linux. The main focus of Fiji is to assist research in life sciences. For users, Fiji is easy to install and has an automatic update function, bundles a lot of plugins and offers comprehensive documentation. Developers may access the source code of all internals, libraries, and plugins, which eases the development and scripting of plugins.


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An integrated suite of office and creative applications.


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A GW-BASIC-compatible interpreter.