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Download Website Updated 16 Aug 2001 mod_suffix

Pop 11.05
Vit 71.02

A small Apache module that can grant access to files on the Web server based on their suffix. Attempts to get other files can either be blocked using a 403 (Forbidden) status code, or redirected to another page.

No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2001 Websphere Application Server

Pop 18.87
Vit 1.54

IBM WebSphere is a set of software products that help customers develop and manage high-performance Web sites to ease the transition from simple Web publishing to advanced e-business Web applications.

Download Website Updated 17 Jul 2001 web server administration platform in java

Pop 10.82
Vit 68.55

web server administration platform in java is a set of client and server side programs used to administer web servers, whose core is written in Java. It is based on servlets for server side, and on everything who can communicate with servlets (C, Delphi, Perl, Java, Python, etc.) for client side. It is aimed at providing a means to administer Web servers easily on all platforms.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2001 auth_ldap

Pop 92.92
Vit 2.84

auth_ldap is an LDAP authentication module for the Apache Web server. Auth_ldap has excellent performance, due to its use of aggressive client-side caching algorithms. It also has support for LDAP over SS or TLSL. It also features a mode that lets Microsoft Frontpage clients manage their Web permissions while still using LDAP for authentication.

Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2001 KDE public fileserver

Pop 20.35
Vit 1.42

The KDE Public Fileserver is an HTTP/1.1-compliant public fileserver that is easy to set up and use and lives in your KDE panel. It features realtime monitoring and control, bandwidth limiting, multiple server support, and simultaneous connection count limiting.

Download No website Updated 27 Jun 2001 Jellybean

Pop 13.86
Vit 4.21

Jellybean is a Perl Object server that allows people to write custom applications following a simple interface and framework. It's conceptually similar to Zope, but has peer communication potential. It has its own tiny Web server which serves static pages, CGIs, or transforms URIs into method calls on objects, and allows users to create their own behavior.

No download Website Updated 24 Jun 2001 mod_sed

Pop 23.43
Vit 1.00

mod_sed embeds a copy of sed into Apache, so that you can filter documents on the fly. It provides a way of choosing which sed program to run via the path info.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2001 Soma

Pop 12.25
Vit 2.99

Soma is an HTTP/1.1-compatible Web server written in Java. It is powerful (capable of handling many thousands of requests simultaneously), configurable, secure, and intelligent. It can run CGI programs, and has good support for Unix systems.

No download Website Updated 04 Jun 2001 eSoap

Pop 35.07
Vit 68.86

eSoap is a SOAP toolkit for C++. Server side programming of Web services can be done using mod_esoap (an Apache module that supports SOAP), Abyss (the native embedded HTTP server), and CGI. Client side programming implements one type of SOAP transport (HTTP) using two libraries (NanoHTTP/cURL). Examples of how to build Web services for Linux, Windows, and RTOS are provided.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2001 Dune

Pop 23.56
Vit 1.00

Dune is a tiny Web server implementation, featuring minimal use of resources, customizable error messages, logging, and multiuser (ie. ~/public_html) serving.


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A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


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A lightweight, RESTful server for medical imaging.