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Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2009 Portal Servlet

Pop 35.58
Vit 3.04

Portal Servlet is a Java servlet that lets you combine several sites on the same screen. It lets you create starting pages for your Internet and intranet applications.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 mod_ntlm

Pop 37.23
Vit 1.41

mod_ntlm is a NTLM authentication module for Apache / Unix. NTLM is often used in Microsoft based Intranets to pass user's credentials from their workstation-logon to the web server (user authentication without password boxes). Password validation is done through Windows NT or Samba machines over TCP/IP.

No download Website Updated 27 Jan 2010 mod_relocate

Pop 16.61
Vit 1.43

ModRelocate allows you to create virtual documents that, when selected, transfer you offsite and log the transaction to your access log. All GET arguments are passed along to the remote URL. Triggers can be set to run whenever a virtual document is selected.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2004 Orion Application Server

Pop 25.10
Vit 1.73

Orion is an application server supporting the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform. It features full HTTP (sessions) state clustering and failover, as well as EJB and context clustering, excellent performance, and support for a fast, iterative development cycle for programmers.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ctm.pl

Pop 12.69
Vit 1.00

ctm.pl is a Perl script which generates Apache type maps for use with mod_negotiation. Useful if you have a lot of images available in different formats you need type maps for, especially if you don't want to use MultiViews to decide which of them will be sent back to the requesting browser.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2002 FilterProxy

Pop 64.13
Vit 3.71

FilterProxy is a Perl script that acts as a generic Web proxy. It is unique in that it allows you to install modules that can perform arbitrary transformations on HTML (or any other MIME-type) and HTTP headers. It filters ads by stripping HTML from the page, anonymizes requests by removing Referer and User-Agent headers, compresses HTML content, and de-animates animated gifs. Configuration is done via Web-based forms or editing a Perl data structure.

Download No website Updated 25 Sep 2010 mod_repository

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.42

mod_repository turns Apache into a content storage system with the benefit of storing just one copy of each file submitted to the repository. Upon storing a file a user is given a unique token representing the file. This can be used to create content servers which are abstracted from the filesystem. Files can be placed, retrieved, and deleted from the server.

Download No website Updated 04 Mar 2001 mod_proxy_add_forward.c

Pop 25.81
Vit 1.47

mod_proxy_add_forward.c is an Apache module that adds a 'X-Forwarded-For' header to outgoing proxy requests like Squid does. You can then get the client IP back on the proxied host by setting r- >connection->remote_ip from this header. It's very useful for the common lightweight frontend/heavy backend mod_perl setup.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2013 MisterHouse

Pop 177.28
Vit 13.16

MisterHouse is a Unix/Windows home automation program written in Perl. It can respond to voice commands, Web browsers, time of day, serial port and X10 data, external files, etc., and can speak via Text to Speech engines.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 mod_atrack

Pop 38.47
Vit 1.00

mod_atrack adds advanced user tracking functionality to the Apache Web server. It was based on mod_usertrack and introduces many new configuration features primarily designed to reduce the annoyance of sending multiple cookies to a single user and allow more intelligent analysis of collected data.


Project Spotlight


A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


Project Spotlight


A lightweight, RESTful server for medical imaging.