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Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2012 ELOG Electronic Web Logbook

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ELOG Electronic Web Logbook is an electronic logbook with a Web interface. It can be used to maintain personal or shared logbooks, with the ability to add attachments to logbook pages. Logbook entries can be categorized with user-defined classes, and queried using filters on these classes. Automatic email notifications can be generated on new entries based on the classes. The ELOG server is a small stand-alone C program, which runs under Linux and Windows. No other packages are required. The logbooks are saved in plain ASCII files for easy and fast access.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2002 Resin-CMP

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Resin-CMP uses the EJB 2.0 spec to manage an entity view of a relational database. It includes Resin's servlet and JSP support. Resin-CMP emphasizes the single JVM database management, but also supports distributed EJB calls with Burlap, an XML-RPC protocol.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2006 Anti-Web httpd

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Anti-Web httpd is a single-process Web server that relies on its inherent simplicity to be robust and secure. It has support for virtual hosts, CGI, IPv6, and more. In its default mode, though, it is easy to launch and requires no configuration files.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2012 uIP

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uIP is probably the smallest implementation of the TCP/IP protocol stack ever written in a high level language; the code footprint is on the order of a few kilobytes and RAM usage is on the order of a few hundred bytes. uIP is intended to be used in embedded systems running low end 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers.

Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2001 SOAP UDDI

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SOAP UDDI is a reference implementation of the UDDI specification. With this UDDI Registry, Web services developers can publish and test their applications in a secure, private environment for their own applications. UDDI Registry supports multiple users in various department- or company- wide scenarios. It also supports the 20 SOAP- based APIs defined by version one of the UDDI specifications, and it provides persistence for published entities through a relational database. A GUI client application is included that supports publishing and querying of businesses, services, and other UDDI-compliant entities without programming.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2004 SkunkWeb

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SkunkWeb is a scalable, extensible, and easy-to-use Web application server written in Python. It is designed for handling both high-traffic sites and smaller sites. Its features include a powerful component model and an elegant templating language that encourages component-based design, highly configurable caching (on disk and/or in memory) of compiled templates and component output, message catalog support for i18n, and remote component calls. It can be used with Apache via an Apache module, or it can serve HTTP requests directly.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2004 Scsh

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Scsh is a systems-programming environment for POSIX systems and Win32, embedded in the Scheme programming language. It includes a high-level process notation for writing shell-script like programs, with pipelines and redirections. Scsh additionally provides low-level access to POSIX primitives, plus important non-POSIX extensions such as sockets. Scsh is implemented on top of Scheme48, a portable bytecode implementation of Scheme. A number of user-contributed extensions are available, including an extensible HTTP and FTP server, a socket-level PostgreSQL interface, a programmable text formatting language, and a Postscript generation language.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 Apache::Admin::Config

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Apache::Admin::Config provides a Perl object-oriented interface for reading and writing Apache-like configuration files without affecting comments, indentation, or truncated lines.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2005 jo!

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jo! is a pure Java Web server that implements the Servlet API, JSP, and HTTP/1.1. It features advanced thread management, virtual hosts, memory-sensitive file cache, authentication using a role abstraction, automatic compressed transfer of text or HTML files, auto internationalization, auto servlet and JSP reloading, auto reload of WARs, hot deployment of WARs, JSR-45 support, and an easy-to-use Swing console.

Download Website Updated 09 Jan 2006 mod_auth_pgsql

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mod_auth_pgsql is an Apache (1.3/2.0) module that allows user authentication (and can log authentication requests) against information stored in a PostgreSQL database.


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A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


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A lightweight, RESTful server for medical imaging.