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Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2006 OWFS

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OWFS (One Wire Filesystem) allows easy control of the 1-Wire bus under Linux. The bus can either be viewed in a Web browser (OWHTTPD) or as files (OWFS). This makes manipulating the 1-wire devices easy with shell scripts, Perl, C, and other programming languages. 1-Wire devices are intriguing chips made by Dallas Semi. They are cheap, uniquely numbered, and take minimal wiring to connect (a data/power line and ground are all that's required. Chip functions include memory, switches, counters, and sensors of temperature and voltage.

No download Website Updated 07 Jan 2004 HCS Open Source Project

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The HCS Open Source Project is a stand-alone home automation control system which consists of hardware (main controllers and remote networked controllers) and software to monitor and control various devices around your house. The current plans support using wired and wireless X10 modules, as well as analog, digital, and voice input and output. Once the HCS is programmed, the use of a PC is not required.

Download No website Updated 21 Apr 2005 PPort

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PPort is a simple yet handy automation program and its documented counterpart for interfacing a PC with external electronic devices. Using its two programs, a daemon and a client, it aims to control external apparatus by reading and writing through common computer ports. Using this bundle, one can successfully control any household appliance or electronic device with minimal hassle and practically no changes.

Download No website Updated 30 Jul 2005 NetLinx Diagnostic and Control

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NetLinx Diagnostic and Control is software that allows full control of all NetLinx interfaces and all equipment connected to AXLink, ICSNet, or ICSHub.

Download No website Updated 03 Feb 2011 Sambascan2

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Sambascan2 allows you to search an entire network or a number of hosts for SMB shares. It will also list the contents of all public shares that it finds. The difference between sambascan2 and other SMB viewers and scanners is that it will scan everything using TCP/IP, and it will not send a lot of broadcast messages, so it can be used over LAN boundaries. It only uses Samba to scan the shares and their contents. It can also scan known hosts and search indexed files.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2006 Lintouch

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Lintouch is an implementation of HMI (Human Machine Interface) or MMI (Man Machine Interface) software framework. It features a server/client architecture, componentized design, and is platform and architecture independent. The Lintouch architecture allows you to develop your own connectivity plugins and visualization objects.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2004 Hampton Bay RF Fan Control Software

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Hampton Bay RF Fan Control Software includes schematics for simple circuits to connect a Hampton Bay RF remote control to a Weeder digital I/O and Analog input board, a daemon to control and monitor one or more ceiling fans using these Weeder boards, and a Misterhouse module to interface with the fan_control_daemon.

Download Website Updated 05 Jul 2010 jabber interface

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jabber interface is a plugin-based Jabber interface to anything imaginable. It acts like a Jabber client and listens to external commands.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2004 rt_x10

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rt_x10 is a kernel module that provides a realtime driver for the X10 "two way power line interface" device (Model TW523). X10 is a protocol for sending signals over power lines. This is useful for relatively cheap components (motion sensors, light switches, etc) that make home automation feasible for the average consumer.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2004 MatPLC

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MatPLC is a software-based PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for industrial automation. Ultimately, it should be possible to run a factory using this software. Currently, one should keep in mind that it is still at the testing stage, and is therefore not suitable for applications where incorrect operation would cause damage or danger.


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A minimalist MessagePack implementation for Java.


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A network server gateway solution.