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Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2001 DXSpider DX Cluster

Pop 36.66
Vit 1.92

DXSpider is a Ham Radio program that connects to other similar programs by radio or the internet and provides a real-time information service to Ham Radio operators rather like IRC. It is designed to become a complete replacement for the original DOS implementation written by Dick Newell AK1A.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 HamLog

Pop 23.49
Vit 1.00

HamLog is a simple Amateur Radio Daily Logging program for X.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 TNT Packet Radio Terminal

Pop 40.35
Vit 1.48

TNT is a packetradio terminal for use with hostmode TNC (or tfkiss) and ax25-kernel. It was originally developed by Mark Wahl. TNT works on Linux, Solaris and NetBSD. Actually is should also run on DEC Alpha, since most routines were converted to 64-Bit.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2008 xastir

Pop 74.61
Vit 5.11

XASTIR (X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting) is a software client which uses amateur radio's APRS protocol. XASTIR provides messaging and realtime tracking of stations using map plotting via radio and Internet data streams.

Download No website Updated 16 Apr 2008 xtalfind

Pop 28.28
Vit 2.94

xtalfind checks whether any XTAL is suitable for a HAM radio circuit (TX, RX). Given a base XTAL frequency, it shows you all possible uses within HAM bands. It features CW TX and direct conversion RX. It supports 455kHz, 10.7MHz, and custom IF value receivers, DRM, and SDRadio applications.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2003 cwtext

Pop 56.44
Vit 1.52

cwtext converts ASCII streams in stdin to ASCII Morse code (dotscii) or to audio suitable for >/dev/dsp on Linux and other platforms. It also has a collection of tools for pulling info from the Internet and presenting it in Morse code.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2001 phpHamLog

Pop 15.23
Vit 67.46

phpHamLog is an amateur radio log program written in PHP. It allows you to put your log online for visitors to browse in real time. Work is also planned for Palm VII access, as well as contest logging.

Download Website Updated 02 May 2003 thebridge

Pop 37.71
Vit 1.78

Thebridge is an EchoLink-compatible conference bridge that runs under FreeBSD, Linux, QNX, Windows and hopefully most other POSIX-compatible operating systems. EchoLink is a VoIP system used by Ham radio operators.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2006 cwdaemon

Pop 51.70
Vit 4.46

cwdaemon is a small daemon which uses the PC parallel or serial port and a simple transistor switch to output Morse code to a transmitter from a text message sent to it via the UDP protocol.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2006 Marote

Pop 25.46
Vit 2.12

Marote is a ham radio application. It provides a GUI to the Elecraft K2 ham radio via the RS-232 port. This is commonly called a rig-control program by hams.


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